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How to Choose the Right Workout Wear?

How to Choose the Right Workout Wear? - Sporto

The right workout wear can be the right motivation to get you going every morning. So, if you have compromised on your workout attire, then you are actually compromising on your workout too. Yes, it is the right clothing that can make a lot of difference to your workout performance. Investing in the right workout clothes is essential for that fab workout. Below are things, which you need to check to give your best every time, every day.

1. Sweat Wicking Fabric It Is: You have been thinking that wearing cotton mens lower pants is perfect for that run or gym session. But, have you explored the sweat wicking variety, which can give you unmatched comfort and better performance. The fabric makes a lot of difference when you are sweating profusely after that hour long run or game of cricket. If the fabric soaks the sweat, you will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to deliver your best. So, opt for workout wear, which is made of sweat wicking fabric. It will keep your body cool and comfy for long, and help you deliver your best even when you feel that sweat can inhibit your performance. Go long and strong with a sweat wicking tee and track for that marathon next time and feel the difference yourself.

2. Too Loose or Too Tight, A Fit: Well, just like any other casual or formal wear, you need to be sure of your fitness gym wear fit too. It matters as it can hinder your performance. Wearing a loose pant for a biking session or fitted track for yoga or Pilates class will impact your workout. A thumb rule to follow here is to opt for a workout wear that does not get in the way of your activity. Your workout wear should fit your body snugly, allow proper form and not interfere with the exercise. Along with the bottom wear, a tight t-shirt should also be avoided as it will cause discomfort. It will interfere with your workout and affect your performance. You will not be able to do that stretch seamlessly. So, opt for the right fitting workout wear and give your best performance.

3. A New Season Calls for New Clothes: Just the way you need to change your wardrobe with the change of season, the same holds true for your workout wear too. The bottom line is that your workout wear has to be comfortable and should feel it a part of your skin. So, during summers that sleeveless t shirt for gym with short or Bermuda can be perfect. But, as winters approach you need to look for full sleeve t-shirts and tracks that will cover your skin and help in working out with ease even as the temperatures drop. When it comes to buying workout wear for summers, look for breathable and sweat wicking attire, which is cool, comfortable and facilitates ease of movement. While, during winters, you need to dress warm and in layers. So, keep the sweat wicking clothing as the innermost layer and put other warm clothes on top of it.

4. Anti-Microbial Clothing: One of the most common and biggest turn off can be that itchy and smelly workout wear. Anyone who indulges in high intensity activity will experience it. So, look for anti-microbial and anti-odour material and it will be your preferred and best workout wear. Such workout gears require less maintenance and help you give your best shot, unaffected.

5. Price Does Matter: Along with the above features, you need to ensure that you do weigh the price factor when buying mens gym clothes online. As you will need to keep changing it for motivation and easiness factor. But, if you buy an expensive track or t-shirt, then you end up using it for a longer time. So, look for the most comfortable and best option when buying workout wear. If you don’t indulge in a high intensity workout or running, then opting for cotton track pants and t-shirt is completely fine as sweat wicking variety can be at a higher end. But, if you do indulge in intense exercise, then go for fine quality, sweat wicking gear that will ensure you can perform your best, unhindered, unaffected.

If you are looking for cool, comfortable and colourful workout wear, then check the range at Sporto. From sweat wicking athletic jersey to relaxed fit tracks, you can get the best in class and fine quality workout wear from Sporto at an unmatched price. Our cotton tracks are also made of absorbent, single jersey fabric, which provide you just the comfort you need. For that colourful summer collection, the Sporto Bermuda and capris are ideal. With breathable waist and flat drawstring, you can work out with ease even during summers. Along with comfy bottom wear, our T-Shirts also come in small to double XL size and are made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester making it perfect for different workouts. In addition, we also have an economical athletic jersey range. Made of microfiber polyester, benefit with its quick drying feature and superior comfort. Explore mens gym clothes online at and choose the best workout wear for yourself.

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