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How to Get Fit Fast ?

How to Get Fit Fast ? - Sporto

Getting in shape and staying fit is your overarching goal? But, you tend to get irked with a slow response and give up. Well, weight loss is a journey and sometimes it does take more time. But, giving up on your weight loss goal is not the solution. Rather, identify where things are going wrong and take corrective measures. Following are a few steps, which you can consider on how to get fit.

1. Know the Fat Percentage: When you start the weight loss process, don’t blindly go by the weighing scale. Rather, it is essential that you learn about the fat percentage. At the end of the day, you need to look lean and in shape, which makes it essential that you knockoff that extra body fat. In addition, keep a close watch on the inch-loss. The traditional measurement tape can be encouraging.     

2. Work out a Plan: Once you have the weight, fat percentage and inch measurement, you need to have a workout plan. Make a realistic weight loss plan, so that your dreams are not shattered. As per your time schedule and requirement, plan your exercise regime and diet. After all, weight loss happens only with the right food intake and exercise ritual.

3. Getting Started: It is the key to your fit fast dream. Every morning hitting the snooze button will keep you far from reaching your weight loss target. So, get going with something unique and convincing each day. Run, jog or simply get up and move, but don’t snooze that alarm. It is best if you plan this part of the day. Either have a motivating quote on the alarm screen or keep your favourite workout gear bedside and get going. If new clothes fascinate you, then invest in your workout wardrobe. You can buy trendy tracks and t-shirts and stay motivated to work out every morning.

4. HIIT: After you get going, you need to plan your workout too. If getting fit fast is on your mind, then try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The benefit of this form of training is that your body burns calories hours after you complete the workout. If you want to give HIIT a try, then run as fast as you can for 20-30 seconds and then jog for 2 minutes. Try this for 30 minutes and you will be exhausted and sweating. Keep increasing the target every day. Such and other forms of HIIT are there and you can try different trainings as per your convenience.

5. Plan your Diet: Along with the workout, planning your diet is equally important. In fact, if losing weight is your target, then studies suggest it is 70% diet and 30% workout that will give you the result. So, an hour of gym will not give you the license to eat as you fancy through the day. It is essential that you plan your diet intake. Try different healthy food combinations and limit the consumption of carbohydrates and processed sugar. Make plans for 3-4 days, try and if it doesn’t work then plan another diet. Every food combination does not suit everyone, so you will need to plan and experiment.

6. Work for Cheat Day: Follow your workout schedule and diet plan for that cheat day. Yes, plan your cheat day, as well. If you manage to reach your weekly, fortnightly or monthly weight loss target, treat yourself to your favourite food. It will be an incentive and will keep you motivated to reach your target.
Try these means to achieve your weight loss and how to get fit fast. Whether it is that new workout wear or your favourite exercise that helps you get going every morning, simply put all means in place to achieve the end of a healthy and fit you. If you want to buy new tracks for gym or athletic jersey for running, then try the collection at Sporto has some trendy, colourful and awesome sports gear that will keep you going, every day.

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