Is your body weight routine not giving the expected results? Are you getting bored with the existing body weight routine? The very fact that you managed to establish an independent workout and weight routine, calls for an applause. But, gradually feeling jaded or not getting the results can happen to any one of us. However, giving up on this bodyweight training routine is not the solution. Rather, looking for ways to make it more effective can give you the desired results. The best part about a body weight routine is that you rely on your own body weight to get the desired strength and toning. Something you can do anytime, anywhere as there is no dependency on a gym or any external weights. So, instead of giving up and looking for an alternate, here is how you can make this routine more effective.

1. More Repetitions to Each Set: If you plan to accomplish a set in 30 seconds, then try to make it more challenging for yourself by doing another set in the same time frame. So, if you do 10 push ups in 30 seconds, try to achieve a target of 20 push ups in 30 seconds. This way you can keep challenging your own results, for the best bodyweight workout and set new and better benchmarks.

bodyweight training

2. Recovery Time Within the Exercise Time: Usually, after each set of bodyweight exercises you take a pause of a few seconds to recover and perform effectively in the subsequent set. To raise the bar, you can try to add the recovery time within the workout time. For instance, if you do 10 burpees in 30 seconds, then try to do the burpees within 15 seconds and give yourself 15 seconds rest time. This way you will be able to achieve more in less time.

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3. Get the Weights in Place: After trying more repetitions, sets and trying to do more in less time, adding weights can be the third best option. Of course, investing in dumbbells is always an option. But, to get started you can try using some heavy weight objects at home. A book, bottle of water and similar objects can come to your aid. Next time when you do those crunches, take a heavy book or water bottle for the ideal full body bodyweight workout.

Using the above techniques, you can make your bodyweight routine more effective and get the best results with this form of workout, which you can do, while on a holiday or at home. Just stay motivated and keep going strong. A consistent body weight exercise routine gives optimum weight loss results and goes a long way in keeping you fit. Simply invest in the right workout wear and keep doing your body weight training every day. If you are looking for workout wear, which is comfortable and stylish, then view the range here at Providing superior comfort, Sporto designs clothes for different workouts and athleisure purpose. You can view the collection and order your workout wear from the comfort of your home.