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How to Set & Achieve a Fitness Goal?

How to Set & Achieve a Fitness Goal? - Sporto

We’ll love to be fit. At the start of each new year, we commit to our best physique and make tall claims. From hitting the gym 5-days a week to staying off sugar, we adopt way too many a resolution, which we are not able to adhere. Setting fitness goals is one thing and achieving them is another. To ensure what we set, we achieve it too it is essential that we give ourselves realistic and achievable targets. We need to do a whole goal making thing instead of looking at things independently.

Let’s help you set and achieve your fitness goal.

1. Decide, what you want?

If you are setting a fitness goal just because your friend is doing the same, then well it may last just about a week or, do it because you want to do it and not under anyone’s else’s influence, otherwise it will be short-lived. You need to analyse if you want to shed those extra kilos or simply stay fit. More importantly, what is the significance of a particular workout? Weigh the pros and cons before you take the plunge. So, bring yourself to centre stage and decide for yourself.

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2. Get Specific:

It is the key here. For some of us working out is easy over diet control and some like to balance. So, you need to analyse your comfort level. It gets quite difficult to push yourself beyond a point, so doing a self-assessment is mandatory. This will help you get specific. Whether you want to lose 10 kg with fitness exercises or fitness diet or a balance of both. This is not the end point. You must also asses if you can work out twice, thrice or four times a week. Whether it is possible to control your diet all 7-days a week or 5-days? Yes, it is truly important to narrow down and get specific about everything. If you think, you can go to the gym thrice a week and manage your diet well 5-days a week, then set your weight loss goal, accordingly.

Furthermore, if you truly want to make staying fit your mantra, then seek a professional’s help and understand the actual hindrance. It maybe a lack of proper nutrition or guided workout, which is working against you.

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3. Measure your Performance:

With a dozen or more applications on your smartphone, tracking your fitness journey is super easy, now. You can easily check, compare and asses your performance through different fitness planner. From that weighing scale in your bathroom to that fitness tracker on your smartphone, you should make use of all these means to know how far you have succeeded. If there is no or little success, then change your meal plan or workout schedule. Regular monitoring will not only help you in your weight loss goal but also help with a better physique and more body stamina. Keep challenging your own previous records to realise your fitness goals.

4. Be Realistic:

You know yourself the best, so give yourself realistic targets, which you would be able to meet. Don’t expect 10kgs knocked off in the first month. It is unrealistic and unhealthy. In fact, most of us fail miserably in our staying fit journey because we expect miracles to happen overnight. Stay easy and love your body the way it is. Being fit should be your mantra and weight loss will happen naturally. So, if you think you can workout thrice a week and have a healthy diet 6-days a week, then expect 500 gm weight loss instead of 1kg. It is fine, as long as you meet that 500 gm target every week. Be reasonable with yourself and be realistic.

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5. Set a Timeline:

Whether you want to lose weight or run that full marathon, give yourself a timeline. It is imperative that you set a target of say 5 kg weight loss in 2 months. Alternatively, challenge yourself that you will be able to run a full marathon, this fall. This will help you in becoming accountable for yourself.

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6. Stay Committed:

You may be alone in this journey of staying fit, running a marathon or losing weight, which makes it essential that you stay committed. Don’t give up until you achieve your target. You need to stay committed and imagine yourself as the healthiest person in the near future.

Get going on your fitness journey. We at will keep sharing posts and blogs to keep you motivated and achieve your long term fitness goals. And of course pamper you with the best in class sportswear. Browse and order your fitness gym wear from today.

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