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How to Style Men’s Track Pants?

How to Style Men’s Track Pants? - Sporto

If asked what are track pants, most of us will probably answer, it’s comfort wear. But we all know that with the changing time, its definition has changed. Now it is a major part of activewear and casual wear too. To take a fun dig at it, we can say that track pant is like a struggling actor who came to the industry as a niche actor and now dominated the industry with its versatility.

But what about styling track pants? Isn’t it just about tossing a t-shirt over it? These are the questions that might be popping in your head while reading the title. But let us tell you friends, wearing a track pant is much more than just pairing it with a tee. To keep things interesting, you need to put thoughts into your clothing. 

So how to style this casual yet trending look? Well, let’s find out.

1. Casual Outings- Hmmm… that’s probably simple to answer. Because that’s what track pants are for. For a normal daywear look, you need to keep things casual. A simple grey or black track pants coupled with a contrasting t-shirt. Your attire should add some shape to the look and not be too baggy. Finish your look with white sneakers and you’re good to hit the streets!

2. Office Look- Taking your comfort wear to the workplace means keeping a minimalistic look. The best way would be to go with lighter shades or standard colours of track pants and a t-shirt. For example, you can choose to have a black or grey track pant and a cardigan of the same shade. A contrasting solid coloured t-shirt within the cardigan will complete your look. Your black or brown loafers are perfect to go with this look.


3. Gym look- To hit the gym, you need to allow maximum movement. That means baggy sweats are out of questions here. You can, however, wear a li’l baggy tee if you want to, paired with running or jogging shoes. You can choose from the collection of stylish track pants. A pair of black shades will guarantee to give a sporty gym look. But guys, don’t forget your duffle bag!


4. Winter Look- Winters are the best for single-toned comfort wear look (same coloured top and bottom wear). Single-toned tracks for men and hoodies are in trend recently and look pretty dapper. An athletic-looking track pant can be easily paired with a fitted workout tee and a smart zip-up hoodie or jacket. Even long coats go quite elegantly with track pants by keeping the colours at a minimal.

5. Denim Love- Human’s love for denim knows no bounds. We love denim to the point that we can adorn with anything. So why not with our tracks? The perfect combo of denim-comfort wear look is a black track pant and a black t-shirt, a denim jacket and a pair of some colourful jogger shoes. Just add a pair of shades to this and the look cannot get any sassier!

So this was the styling guide for men’s track pants. The core of styling is to keep in mind the occasion and pick the style, colours and accessories accordingly, from minimum to vibrant. But the most important thing is your comfort. The best style is the one that suits your personality and your choice, and just not what’s trending. Check out Sporto Flexiwear’s comfort wear collection for your favourite track pants.

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