Have you been thinking of taking up running, lately? Pictures of friends on Instagram and Facebook of completing the Marathon is chasing you? A picture of you posing with Marathon medal is on your mind? Then definitely it is time you start your big Marathon training. And with winters retreating, it is the ideal time to start your practice sessions, so you can participate in the next Marathon in your city.

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If you are already, relatively fit, you will need around three-four months of training to make up to the finishing line of marathon. Yes, treading the 26.2 miles’ marathon will take rigorous everyday training even if you are already fit. Here is everything you need to know to crack the 26.2 miles run.


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Training Plan

There are absolutely no shortcuts to success and it is true in the case of marathon, as well. So, planning is the initial and most important stage. You can take suggestions from peers who are already into running. But there are no one size fits all kind of thing when it comes to Marathon preparation. So, you need to make your own plan keeping into consideration your fitness goals and levels. Have the goal clear in your mind i.e. whether you want to finish the marathon in three, four or five hours? And then accordingly plan your workout schedule. A certain number of hours will have to be put in it. Customize and personalize your plan for the big run.

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Strength Training

It is an absolute must if you want to run efficiently. Strength training exercises gives you the power and stability, so it is essential that you hit the gym at least two to three times a week. It is imperative that you balance running with strength training as it will make you a better runner.

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Technique is the Key

Once your workout plan and workout is in place and you have already started running, then focus on the technique for best performance on field. The right posture and technique is important so that your brain and mind facilitate your progress. You should run tall, chest up, feet under hips and shoulders back. Such a posture will prevent the chances of any injury and ensure maximum efficiency.


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Keep Sipping H2O

Hydration is essential for the best physical and mental performance. So, do keep plenty of water handy when you start running. There are ample number of handheld water bottles available in the market, today. Staying hydrated also boosts your metabolism level, thereby facilitating weight loss, as well.


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Rest, Rest, Rest

Once in form, you may want to compromise your sleep time for your training session. However, this will be a big mistake on your part. You must take proper eight hours of sleep each day to give your best performance even during your practice run. It will also be good to incorporate some recovery and rejuvenation exercise that will help you prevent injuries and ensure you stick to your training plan. So, once a week hit for that spa session or low intensity bike ride session with friends. Alternatively, some yoga, stretches or relaxing massage might also work wonders.


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Start Abating

Two to three weeks before the big day you should start tapering. Slowly and steadily start reducing your workout hours and how many miles you are running each day. It will help you make the most of your training, recover and adapt. So, plan this phase wisely so you can run your best on the Marathon day. Your body may urge you to run more, you may feel sore or tired but just go easy and with the flow as the day approaches.


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Warm Up on the Big Day

A good warm-up is a pre-requisite on the day of running. So, you must start your day with a nice one and keep a few movements for the start line. And then, simply go and give your best.


group Of Runners Warming Up Before Race


Other than this training, you must also invest in proper running gears. Whether a bermudas or tracks, you should choose what you are comfortable in? Capris are also trending big for both men and woman and you can pick one for those summer runs. You can get classy and cool marathon wear from Sporto.in and have your wardrobe in place for the big day.


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