You are what you eat. Eat well to feel well. These are not just paper tigers but sayings with truly effective meaning. If you eat well you’re bound to feel well. Every part of your body, the ligaments, bones and muscles are made up of nutrients. So, the better you eat, the better your body will be. Nourish it well to feel nurtured. However, eating right today has become a challenge for most of us. We eat whatever we grab. In such a scenario, maintaining a food diary, journal or using any digital medium for the purpose can work wonders in giving you a good health and facilitating your weight loss. Yes, writing what you eat can be an easy way of controlling those unwanted calories. Tracking your food makes you accountable and increases your awareness about your food and calorie intake. Here is how food tracking helps you stay fit and fine.

1. Start Eating Right: In our busy schedules, we seldom forget to eat right. We can snack on anything, munch on chocolates and bars when stressed and grab outside food on our way back home. Such mindless eating has its negative impact on our body. We are feeding it with whatever we can get our hands on, giving rise to increase in weight and other health issues. So, pen-down all that you eat, each day and you are sure to treat your body, right. Those processed meals will be replaced by sumptuous meals, fruits and vegetables, and those chocolate cravings will also bid adieu.

selection of healthy food


2. Eat on Time: By writing what you eat, you can inculcate timely eating habit, which goes a long way in pushing that sluggish metabolism and facilitates in weight loss. It also increases your energy levels, helping you perform better at work, home and field. Start jotting down your meals and time it. Timing your meal is crucial for the best results.

Clock with words time to eat on its face


3. Portion Control: Along with eating good quality food at the right time, when you start jotting down what goes in and specify the quantity, then that too will come down. You will get to know how much does your body, actually need. That full plate rice will come down to half and those two chapatti requirement will also come down. When you right down what you eat, you must also write how you feel after consuming different foods in different quantity that will help you analyze your body requirement better.

Healthy eating plate diagram. Breakfast, lunch and dinner


4. Control those Calories: The food tracker is the ideal way to count those calories that will help you shed those extra kilos with ease. You should right all that you are eating in detail and the number of calories you get because of it.

Calorie counting on a paper with calculator


5. Dehydrated, No More: When you start writing down every meal and ounce of water going into your body, you will be able to control your water requirements better. As you increase that water intake, you will not only feel more energized but also benefit with better weight management.


glasses of water with text "stay hydrated"


6. Well Slept: With proper food and water intake, your sleep pattern will automatically fall in place. Lethargic and tired after eight hours of sleep will be bygone.


 man waking up fully rested


So, the key to a fine living is eating healthy, drinking required quantity of water and sleeping well. Add some workout routine to it and you will surely feel wonderful. Adopt any workout practice, walking, yoga, gym, run or a game of your choice and feel the difference. You are sure to love the new you. And for starting a workout routine pamper yourself with some awesome sporty collection from the house of Sporto. From sports jersey to three fourths for men, you can get a complete range of sportswear at an affordable price. Wear your new clothes and kick start a new and fun workout routine. Check the complete collection at

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