Sports for some is playing that game of football or cricket, while others it is going for that morning run or gym. But Being Sporty is more an attitude that we want you to adopt. So, we introduce the #AlwaysSporty campaign. Come share with us your sporty thoughts. No, we are not looking at that Marathon certificate neither are we going to make you run one as we believe in being sporty in mind and spirit.



#AlwaysSporty is showing off your sporty side while doing the everyday tasks. Yes, stretching for that remote control or showing off your daring moves and taking selfies of it is being #AlwaysSporty. Pushing your broken car and stretching your arms and calves is being #AlwaysSporty. So, wear your sportswear or athleisure wear from the house of Sporto and show us your sporty spirits.

No the fun doesn’t end at it. As part of our #AlwaysSporty campaign, we will make your weekends sportier than ever. Come play with us every weekend we are playing with you in your city every weekend. So come show us your sporty spirit and win cool sports merchandise by Sporto. Balancing and bouncing that cricket ball or arm wrestling game, come indulge in such energetic, fun and lively games, individually or in groups at an #AlwaysSporty event near you. These fun events are planned every weekend, where you will not just have fun but get a chance to win some cool and colorful merchandise by Sporto.

Knowing the many benefits of running with no major investment to make, running is definitely on the radar. A great way to get in shape, you can build your stamina and expand your social circle by running. Moreover, the frequent marathons in your city will keep you going for sure. Further, with running the main advantage is that you can manage at your time as per your convenience. No strings, attached.

Let’s give your sporty side a new perspective. It is all about being sporty, #AlwaysSporty. Keep coming back to Sporto on Facebook for sporty fun, activities and contests. And if cool and affordable sportswear is on your mind, then browse through where you can get for cool, colorful and breezy sports merchandise. You can buy track pants, sports jersey, v neck t shirts for men, three quarter pants, and much more at So, #Khelte raho, just as you like and desire, and stay sporty in mind, body and spirit with trendy sportswear from Sporto.