The wait is over guys!

In the last blog, we welcomed our superheroes. Our Avengers. Our Flexiverse.

Did you miss it? Go check it right now. It has an interesting quiz for you.

Sporto Flexiwear online store introduces the Marvel collection for you. Sporto brings all the superpowers of flexibility and swag at your doorstep.

It’s time to dive in and have a peek at all the Marvel products. Let’s see what each of our Avenger holds for you guys, shall we? 

1.  Iron Man

“I am Iron Man.”

The chills and the goosebumps this statement from Iron Man gave us is unmatched. And such is the flexibility of our Iron Man collection. Sporto Iron Man brings a range in t-shirt and bermuda collection.

Sporto Iron Man t-shirts are made of rich cotton to bring you the ease of Iron Man’s personality. The stretchable fabric allows you to be flexible enough to laze off or to perform extreme activities. Not only does it excel in comfort, but the style is also par excellence. Available in different prints and patterns, it has a contrasting neck design to pump up the style game, just like our super cool super stylish Iron Man.

The Sporto Iron Man bermuda, track pants, and joggers also come in rich cotton to provide you with supreme comfort. Designed with Iron Man’s logo and helmet, it gives a techno look to your bottom wear. Time to grab some swag, right?

2.  Captain America

“I can do this all day.”


And so can you. With Sporto’s new Captain America collection. Flex all day. Fight with laziness all day. Or do whatever you want to do.

Sporto Captain America t-shirts are anything but rigid and unbearable. The epic shield is going to protect you from all the discomfort and inconveniences of the world. Like literally. And we don’t think we need to stress on the design aspects. The contrasting neck and the cool colours are just made for you.

Coming to Captain America’s bottom wear collection, you’ll just love it. Guess what? These pants have zip pockets to save you from losing your essentials. The zip and drawstrings are in contrasting colours to give a peppy look.

3.  Thor

“Fortunately, I am mighty!”



The outwardly feeling is here now in the Sporto collection. Out of the world comfort. Out of the world style.

Be worthy of the mighty Hammer. Get the Asgardian look with this classic Thor tee. Thor brings you slim-fitting t-shirts along with comfort and class to let you slide out in style. Hit the gym and be as fit as the Asgardian God himself or just lay back and grow a beer belly (again, just like him), it fits all your needs and desires. 

Sporto Thor track pants are super comfortable to be anywhere you want to be. Day-in or day-out, you never run out of trend and ease. Get your favourite tracks with contrast piping and make some heads turn.

4.  Hulk 

"Something needs smashing?"


Yes. The discomfort from our lives. Please do that for us, can you?

Don’t worry guys. Hulk will save us all from the unpleasantness of uncomfortable clothes. The new Hulk Sporto t-shirt gives you an edgy look. And, we have a surprise here! Sporto t-shirts are durable enough so it won’t tear off in case you Hulk-up!

Sporto launches classic Hulk bermudas to make your way through all the pains and distress. Unlike Hulk though, you get to be all calm and composed when in Sporto Hulk shorts.

5.  Spider-Man 

“With great power comes great responsibility.”


Probably the word to live by. With great power of flexibility, comes great responsibility for living it to the fullest. 

Spiderman brings to us the possibility to swing our way through any situation in our most comfortable clothes. The intriguing cool spiderman design on the Sporto t-shirt is surely going to blow you away. Sporto Spiderman t-shirt has the strength and stretchability like his web to provide the premium quality.

Talking about the bottom wear collection, it only gets better. The spiderman franchise designs on classic coloured Sporto track pants, joggers, and bermudas makes them the ultimate bottom wears.

6.  Thanos

"I'm a survivor."


It cannot get any truer for all of us in the modern world and modern times. There’s stress everywhere. Surviving, and surviving elegantly should be our motto. 

And what better than some comfy snuggly clothes to destress! The ultimate destroyer Thanos has come to the Flexiverse to destroy all the hardships and all the stress in a snap! The super-comfortable comes with rich cotton and seamless stitch to provide flexibility and durability. The t-shirt is also a slim fit to accentuate your physique. So why wait! It’s time to get your own Thanos t-shirt

And with this, all these Avengers unite from Flexiverse to provide you with the best comfort wear collection. When superheroes assemble for you, you can’t say no now, can you? So get ready to shop for your favourite Sporto Marvel collection from Check out the rest of the Marvel collection with your favourite characters and prepare to fight the uneasiness of your world.