Are you a sports buff looking for comfy sportswear? Does that T-shirt interfere with your stretches? Even though there are many options in running, weights and yoga wear that often overwhelm you, the comfort quotient remains unattended. This is because the sportswear that works well for one sport may be completely inappropriate for another. Moreover, despite the cool design and make, when that Bermuda or t-shirt impacts your shot during a game of basketball or while doing the crunches at the gym, the whole purpose of having a workout wardrobe appears to be a waste.

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For people, who like investing in workout wear that is stylish, comfortable and aids their performance, Flexiwear is emerging as a great option. It is reinventing sportswear to suit every occasion. Whether you’re lifting weights at the gym or getting a cup of coffee with your friends, Flexiwear is ideal. It focusses on comfort beyond everything else. The very name is derived from the term flexible, meaning something that can bend and stretch unhindered. This makes it the ideal choice for those who love the crisp yet casual look; and give precedence to comfort above everything else. Whatever may be your choice of game, you will easily find your style and comfort level in Flexiwear collection by Sporto.

Sporto has launched its Flexiwear collection with the campaign “Whatever Your Sport”. This new collection focusses on activewear for men for every sport, every occasion.


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The underlying philosophy behind the Flexiwear collection is that every challenge that life throws at you can be turned into your advantage if you look at it as a sport you need to win. The collection has been designed to project confidence and a winning attitude. The entire clothing line provides an unprecedented level of comfort, elasticity and flexibility, making them perfect not just for athletic pursuits but every sport.

The collection has some amazing athletic t-shirts and sleeveless athletic jerseys in muted colours like navy blue, Andrew grey, charcoal, and Indian team blue as well as more vibrant colours like burgundy, chilli, and yellow. It also has an array of t-shirts for men that are perfect for casual wear. As far as lowers for men are concerned, the collection includes gym track pants in unique colours like burgundy, green-black, and charcoal. The collection also features a range of Bermuda shorts in navy blue, melange, charcoal, and grey that are perfect for a casual weekend. There are also trendy capris in unique designs and colours like melange and bright blue.

For people who focus on comfort and flexibility above all else in their everyday clothing, Flexiwear is one of the best options. You can explore the entire new range at Sporto Red and wear a winning attitude in whatever game you play.