It is 2021 and we all are hoping and praying for a better year! Why not start this year by treating yourself with a little shopping spree? We have something special for you to get started with the new year! Sporto flexiwear offers the best of casual and comfortable clothing. You can select can a range of track pants, bermudas, shorts, t-shirts, full sleeve t-shirts and so much more! 

It's a myth that style and comfort can't go hand in hand. There is nothing more satisfying than a good pair of clothing that provides you with the utmost comfort, isn’t it? Well, with so many options to choose from we have sorted out a list with which you can get started with your shopping. Read on below to kickstart your shopping spree with us. 

1. Trendy Sweatshirts for men

Sweatshirts are the holy grail apparel during the colder weather! But sometimes wearing the same old solid colours might bore you and make your style a little dull.

Sporto’s Marvel Sweatshirt is here to break all the boring norms. Made with fleece terry fabric to keep you warm this full sleeves round neck t-shirt with your favourite marvel character printed on, is an eye-catcher! And if you are worried about the baggy fit, then let us tell you that this sweatshirt is best known for its slim fit. 

2. Smart Full-sleeve t-shirts 

Full sleeve t-shirts make a perfect option when it comes to smart casuals. If you are heading for a casual dinner or even a formal dinner the full sleeve t-shirt will be just the right option for you! You can pair it elegantly with a cool jacket or just wear it as it is with denim or smart pants.

Sporto offers such smart full sleeve t-shirts which are specialized in modern slim-fitting which makes sure you are comfy inside out. This uber-cool full sleeve-t-shirt gives you supreme comfort without compromising the nature of the activity. 

3. Solid t-shirts

Solid t-shirt is one such t-shirt which can be worn in all seasons! They are the real deals when you want to slip into something super comfortable, light and be colourful. During the summers you can pair it with cool shorts, cotton pants and during the colder weather, you can layer it with a jacket!

Sporto’s solid t-shirts do not only look stylish but also are smart to wear as they can be worn on multiple occasions. These solid colour t-shirts can be paired with joggers, shorts and even denim. The modern fit of the t-shirt makes it easier for maintaining super-rich quality. 

These clothing options for your little shopping spree will offer you the benefit of both style and comfort. Add a cardigan sweater or a stylish men’s jacket to the ensemble if you're heading somewhere to a cold place. The rule of thumb is to focus on small, essential details such as your body-type when making the purchase

So pick a style suiting your unique personality, preference, comfort, and choice.

Go for it when you go out on a formal meeting with office colleagues or a get-together.

Alternatively, you may opt for a sport coat to add a casual tone to your look. The casualness and soft styles of these full sleeve t-shirts make them versatile. Use your creativity to create a layered look. 

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