It is time of the year to say Thank You to your dear friends for being there always. Whether it is your birthday, first day at work or just time for a party, you still have your friends with you. Now, with Friendship Day around the corner, it must be time to meet-up the whole gang and celebrate your friendship. How about talking and figuring out a workout buddy this year? Workout with friends has its amazing benefits and can keep you going all the way to achieve your fitness target.

Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

Here are some of the benefits of working out with a friend

1. Commitment Factor: When you plan a run or a gym session with a friend you will commit to a time and adhere to it. If you have to meet a friend at the gym at 6 pm, you will make up. Whereas, if you have planned alone, you may postpone it to the next day and that day may never come. However, keeping a gym buddy waiting is the last thing you will do. At least, this commitment factor will ensure that you don’t miss your workout.


Working Out with Friends is Fun

2. Working Out with Friends is Fun: There is something special about the time spent with friends, you never realize that it has already been hours – that’s the beauty of friendship. When you hit the gym alone, you keep checking the watch and the moment you finish a 60 minutes’ session you step out. However, when you are working out with a fitness buddy, it is different. You will work out a little extra every day. Besides, if you don’t feel like going to the gym, you can plan a run or lawn tennis game and give your body the much-needed kick to set a new benchmark.

workout partner

3. Tend to Work Harder: Not only the time spent exercising will increase, but you will also work harder. This is the advantage of working out with friends. The more the energy levels, the more the intensity of the workout and better performance. You will also give it a try to do those difficult exercises with your workout partner. Besides, you can also learn new moves from each other.

4. Dutch and Hire a Personal Trainer: There is a definite advantage of working out with friends as you can pool and have a common personal trainer. There is a surge in demand and fees of trainers. So, you and your friend can split the payments and workout under the guidance of a personal trainer, and achieve your set target.

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5. Bond Better: When you start working out together, you will be able to establish a better understanding with your partner. It is not only one of the best ways to lose weight fast, but you will also get closer and bond for the better.

However, to make partner workout work, you both will have to make some efforts.

How to Make Partner Workout Work?

Let’s read on to learn how you can establish that bond with your workout partner and make things work for the best for each other.

1. Set a Target: Before you start playing that game together or workout at the gym, you should talk to each other and tell about your targets. Whether you want to achieve that weight loss, strength training or body toning you should tell each other about it. Then, bring in the accountability factor. Even if your targets are different, it is okay. The important aspect is to know about the goals, monitor and push each other towards your weight loss and other fitness targets.

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2. Strengthen the Bond: Once the target is in place, indulge in some team building activities to strengthen the bond. Like, give a name to your group, try to have your pre or post workout healthy snacks for weight loss together at least over the weekends. This way you will be able to spend some quality time together and work out will be more fun.

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3. Work Together: As far as possible, try to work out together. You can both do the same exercise at the same time. It will be motivating, and you may end up doing more reps. If you feel your partner is giving up after 10 reps, then try to motivate and help him or her perform better. However, you should respect each other’s limit and don’t push beyond one’s capacity way to too much. It is a great fitness motivation, but remember to respect each other’s limit.

Workouts to do with your Buddy

After knowing about the benefits and how you can buddy up, let’s focus on the kind of exercises, which you can do with your partner.

partner exercise with Mirror Drill

1. Mirror Drill: You and your partner should stand apart facing each other. From the base position, one partner should shuffle side to side, and the other should do the same like a mirror image. Feel the impact on the glutes and thighs as you perform this drill. Throughout this partner exercise, your knees should be behind the toes, and you should feel the tension in glutes.

Russian Twist Pass with a Medball

2. Russian Twist Pass with a Medball: Sit on the floor in the posture of doing Russian Twist. Instead of passing the ball from one hand to the other, you should pass it to your friend. It will be a great workout for your stomach and to increase the difficulty level, and you should lift your heels from the floor. While performing this workout with your partner ensure that you keep the stomach tight and chest up.

Partner workout with Planks & Wall Sits

3. Planks & Wall Sits: Another exciting form of workout can be making one partner workout while the other maintains a static position. Say, you can do a plank, and your partner does a wall sit at the same time. Then, you can switch the exercise and perform again.

You can try doing some of these workouts together and help each other achieve a new target. Besides, you can also ask each other to design the workout plan for a week. This way you will both have a new plan and do something beyond your capacity. You can also allow each other to take the lead in the exercise form in which you are the best. For instance, if you are great at HIIT workout, then take charge of it. Similarly, if your partner is great at weight training, then you both should tap the potential.

Keep Working Out, Keep Performing

Keep Working Out, Keep Performing

The significant aspect is that you should keep exercising and achieve your fitness targets. Partnering with a friend for this venture can be genuinely beneficial for both of you. So, talk to that friend and make things work out. To get started, gift each other comfortable workout wear from the house of Sporto, this Friendship Day. You can check out the collection here and order right away. There are track pants for men, t-shirts, Bermudas and more from which you can pick and choose. View the range, order and start a new friendship goal from this 5th August.

Here’s wishing you and your friends a Happy Friendship Day!