Do you ever feel that you have certain clothes which you can wear for days, and then there’s some that you keep ignoring for the rest of your life? Most of us do have this weird behaviour. But why though?

Because we tend to associate our personality with the type of clothes we wear. And the ones that we feel go perfectly with our mood and style, become our favourites.

Our clothing defines who we are. It’s a form of self-expression, to let the world know who we are in what we wear, to let everybody know what we stand for, and what life decisions we make.

Too heavy? Let’s tone it down a bit.

Basically, your clothing reflects your mood. For example, you may consciously or unconsciously wear something bright when you’re feeling happy and dark when you’re having a bad or gloomy day.

So let’s check out what’s your personality clothing, shall we?

1. Vibrant

Are you a carefree, happy-go-lucky person? A lively spirit who tries to find positivity in everything, everywhere you go, no matter what? Then you’ll definitely love a colourful wardrobe. And what better than our Sporto t-shirts to match your vibrant personality. At Sporto, we have 30 different colours for you in our comfy t-shirt collection. That’s like 7 rainbow guys! We have got all the hues to reflect every personality and moods. It’s the ideal collection for you to step out in the rain and do some “Raindrops are falling on my head...”.

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2. Lazy

Lying on the couch all day long.

Don’t remember when was the last you showered.

Dying of thirst but can’t drink water because the bottle is kept 1 foot away.

Does this sound like you? Then there’s no guessing here. Lazy people know they’re lazy. Boxers are the true reflection of your personality. You probably are in your boxers right now as you read this blog. But let’s face it, lazing off the entire day is not an easy job. You need to have all your essentials - food, water, charger, laptop, TV remote, within one-arm distance, so you don’t have to get up.  And most importantly, you gotta be in your comfortable clothes to carry out this tedious job and avoid rashes and sores. Here’s a tip: Sporto has got some super flexible boxers to make your lazy day a comfortable one. Go check them now!

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3. Hip

Sassy Sunglasses - Check

Trendy jeans - Check

Hot shoes - Check

The only thing missing from this checklist is a dapper jacket. Yes, we are talking about the cool, hip, peppy personality of yours. You uber-cool nature takes you places like restaurants, bars, movies, on dates, trips, phew! How do you guys not get tired? Jacket is your one true friend that abides by you no matter where you go. It will not let you lose your swag. Won’t it be great if those jackets were comfortable too, like your t-shirts or tracks? At Sporto, we have the perfect collection of jackets for you - with an equal ratio of cool and comfort.

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4. Athletic

If you love the adrenaline rush day-in and day-out, or love hitting the gym, we can safely say you have an athletic personality. Athletic jersey is the perfect go-to option for you. The sporty and active look fills you up with energy and zeal. There’s nothing better than those bright colours and super-light fabric for you. Now, what if you get superfast drying fabric too? Won’t that be great for your rigorous sessions? Find out Sporto’s microfibre athletic collection to keep you dry and active all the time.

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5. Easy-going 

“Just chill, everything will figure out by itself.”

This is the life mantra for the chilled out people. People who don’t get excited, enraged, or panicked easily. They are normally calm, relaxed and take life as it comes. In short, these are the people who have achieved pseudo-zen mode. Are you those people? Then joggers are your best partners to suit your nature. Just like your easy-going attitude, joggers go easily with anything you want to pair up. This flexible bottom wear works wonders for a flexible attitude. Check out Sporto’s joggers collection now to match your nature.

You see, every fashion wear speaks something. Pairing up your mood and persona with your ideal clothing brings out the best in you. Did you find out your ideal Flexiwear match? Let’s head out to Sporto online store to stock up the wardrobe with your ideal fashion partner.