Athleisure! The trend of the 21st-century men.

What is athleisure? It’s a simple combination of athletics and leisure. An ideal wear for both the extremes. You can wear it not only to an intense workout at the gym but also to a casual night out with friends. Primarily started as a range of clothing for women, athleisure has now expanded to men as well. The simple versatility of it makes sure it never goes out of style.

Why millennials love athleisure?

Simply, because of its comfort and ease. Gone are the days when people dressed up from tip to toe while stepping out even to buy groceries. The fashion trend is changing now. Freedom and flexibility is what people are looking for in their apparel. The young generation now favours more convenient dresses, something they can breathe freely in. And they are ready to explore these comfortable options even for formal wears for offices, meetings, and special events.

Athleisure wear fits perfectly in these growing needs and criteria. Athleisure serves not only for the comfort people ask for, but also comes in various styles, designs, and patterns to blend in any situation and place. Thus, becoming the favourite among the millennials.

Here’s a list of some of the popular products that fall into athleisure.

  • Jersey T-shirts - Jersey t-shirts are perfect for sports and gym lovers. Lightweight, loose, and flexible, Jersey t-shirt is ideal for your long hour sessions. The best part about these tees is that they keep you dry all the time as they absorb sweat. You can even wear it for casual outings in summers.

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  • Hoodies - Hoodies are a staple that are preferred by both men and women throughout the cold seasons. The perfect blend of style, comfort and its availability in various colour options makes hoodies a must-have in your wardrobe.

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  • Tracks – Earlier, tracks were seen only as a leisure wear. But now tracks are something that can be worn at a party or for your morning jog. The flexibility and durability makes tracks a functional piece of athleisure. You can always style it up with any trendy t-shirt or even a shirt to suit yourself.

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  • Bermuda – Give your legs the freedom they deserve. Bermudas are made from rich cotton to provide maximum flexibility so you can be at ease anytime anywhere. These bermudas come in both solids and checkered patterns to bring versatility and more options back home.

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The demand for athleisure is increasing steadily. In fact, studies have shown that athleisure has more rising demand than any other category in the market right now. Due to its ultimate ease of adaptability, athleisure has been adopted as lifestyle wear in the current times.

So why not join the trend?

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