Are you planning to lose weight? Looking for things that you should remove from your diet to start your weight loss journey? Well, for losing weight it is not all about eliminating things from your diet. Instead, there are many additions that you will need to make. Adding some healthy foods, strength training and positive thoughts can be the ideal accompaniments in your weight loss journey.

Here are 4 such additions that you need to make to shed those extra kilos and get back in shape.

Food Schedule

A Food Schedule: The importance of a routine is always stressed upon when you are planning to start the healthy food journey. It is about introducing discipline in your routine to achieve the result of a fitter, healthier and happier you. When you follow a food schedule, it will influence your hormonal and behavioural rhythms. To make your weight loss a reality, you need to start eating your meals at a fixed time every day. With time, your body will start demanding food at those fixed intervals and you will be able to win your battle against erratic cravings. Once these cravings come down, you will start seeing a difference in the scales and measuring tape. You can either maintain a diary or start using an application to structure and design your meal plans.

Eat your Favourite Foods in Regulation: In your food schedule, you must include your favourite foods. It can be that scoop of ice cream, a slice of pizza or any other food of your choice. By adding these in your routine, you will not have a craving for them. Whereas, if you completely exclude them from your diet, you will end up binge eating on them whenever you will get a chance. So, it is essential that you eat your favourite food too, however, maintain the portion control.

Along with eating in the right quantity, do monitor the frequency. You should not indulge in such foods every now and then. Try to start with once a week or once every fortnight.

weight loss

Strength Training, A Must: This one addition is essential if you are looking at weight loss, strength and feel good factor. You should start strength training at least three times a week. It is a must as when you lose weight, you are also shedding fat and muscle. The only way to preserve your muscle mass is by practising strength training. You can start with small and basic movements like squats, lunges, push-ups, bench presses and like. Start with a few reps of these weight lifting workouts and keep increasing them. These will not only facilitate your weight loss further but will also take care of muscle mass and build strength.

Take Up a Hobby: When you do something that you enjoy the chances of you continuing it are relatively higher. Besides, it can also ease your stress level facilitating your weight loss. You can take up any hobby of your choice like swimming, reading, writing, cycling, running or any game. This can greatly help in making you happy and in turn lead to your weight loss. Start finding a hobby, stay happy and lose weight.

eating habit

Maintain a Journal: Besides, these inclusions you must start maintaining a gratitude journal. Your thankful journal will imbibe positive thoughts and help you stay happy and content. It can be sticking to your meal plan or following your workout regime. Something as small as this can also help you curb your instinct of emotional eating. With such a journal in place, you can prevent unhealthy eating habits and take a positive step towards your weight loss journey.


Include the above additions and start stocking-up your weekly groceries and shop for your workout wear. When you will have your pantry stocked with healthy food options the chances of eating unhealthy food will reduce. Likewise, when there are smart gym track pants in your wardrobe, then you will feel like wearing them and going for a workout. To buy the latest fitness wear, you can check the new launch by Sporto. View the collection Sporto Red, shop and embark on your weight loss journey now.