Everybody is talking about Valentine's day. Social media is full of those lovely posts. But this might get a bit irritating to people who don’t have any plans or don’t have a significant other.

So what do they do? Where do they go? Should they sob in the corner? Absolutely not. Being by yourself is a beautiful experience in itself. So while the world is spending the day together, let’s make the most out of the day for self.

1.Hang out with the gang

Of course, right? The best thing to do if you want to step out. Hang out with your pals. Have chai pe charcha. Or plan a coffee date with your group. Go for a movie. Who knows you might just have one of the best days.

2.Going to the gym

 Let’s workout. The best thing you can gift yourself is a healthy and fit body. Get membership. Hit the gym today. Tone up the muscles. A good day’s workout always makes you feel good about yourself and gives a sense of achievement.

3.Cook something special

If you love cooking then this is the day to make something special for yourself. Drooling over that exotic pasta or sizzling brownie? Go for it. Stuff yourself with the sugary treat. You deserve it. Everyone else is enjoying, why shouldn’t you?

4. Go on a shopping spree

Who doesn’t love shopping? You don’t want to miss out on buying something new for you. It’s time to stock up your wardrobe. If you don’t want to go out and stress yourself of picking and selecting, then online shopping is made for you. Or you can gift something special for yourself.

5. Pamper yourself. Go to a spa!

Time to chillax. Give a break to your body and mind. Getting a spa is the best way to revive yourself. Because you really need a calming and peaceful state of mind to spend the day well.

6. Plan a vacation

Winter is about to end soon. This might be the best time to plan a vacay. Taking a day off this valentine will give you a long weekend. So, don’t waste any more time. Call your friends and make a plan now.

7. Or simply stay at home and chill

Don’t feel like doing any of this? Then don’t. It’s the day to love yourself, not to punish. Be a couch potato. Lie down all day long. You can watch some series or run a movie marathon. Order your favorite food and enjoy the day.

So whatever your plan is, whether it’s going on a date, or catching up with your pals or even if it’s spending some quality time with yourself, Sporto Red is your flexi companion this Valentine’s Day.

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