Whether you’re a strong Leo or a practical Virgo, an innovative Aquarian or a loving Sagittarian, every Zodiac sign has its own distinct personality, so why shouldn’t your wardrobe be distinct too? As 2020 comes to a close, here are our Sporto Flexiwear picks for the year – the perfect fit for every Zodiac sign on the calendar. 

Aries–Slim Fit Track Pants

Rams enjoy winning more than anything. For these dream chasers and go-getters, Sporto’s comfortable track pants are a great fit. The perfect blend of cotton and polyester for great flexibility and movement will help you reach the finish line early. They are created and stitched for durability and can survive tough times, just like an Arian.

Taurus– Men’s Marvel Shorts

Bulls like to look dashing even when they are sweating. This zodiac is always picture perfect and ready for a selfie. These superheroes will love to show off their toned calves when getting clicked for social media profile pictures. These lust-worthy items will garner lots of likes for them.

 Gemini–Hooded Sweatshirt

Geminis are ambitious. They don’t care about winter, summer, rain, or traffic. Whatever the hurdle is, these go-getters will put in all their efforts to accomplish their goals. Therefore, their outfit should also be strong enough to keep up with them. A great hooded sweatshirt is the right choice of activewear for gems. They can wear it to workout. They can wear them post-workout. It can switch rolls as swiftly as these gems.

Cancer–Slim Fit Jersey

Cancerians are effortlessly stylish. They are naturally drawn towards an easy-going lifestyle. This approach extends to their workout wear as well. These slim-fit t-shirts for men are simple, cool, and stylish. You don’t look like you have put in a lot of effort, yet you look great and ready to kill your workout routine.

Leo–Bomber Jackets

We all know Leos like the spotlight. Either by excelling in their workout routine or by their fabulous dressing sense. These kings don’t shy away from any color or style. They like experimenting and stay flexible in their style. A great bomber jacket is perfect for a Leo man. They attract eyes and compliments.


Unlike attention-seeking Leos, Virgo prefers practical functionality. They want their gears to do more and do it well. Joggers are the right match for this functionality, preferring men. They are comfortably fit, flexible, and good looking. These joggers have warm fleece terry fabric that traps body heat and keeps the wearer warm. The material is easy to maintain and machine-wash. It fulfills the expectations of a Virgo man.

Libra–Marvel Track pants

Loud and outstanding are two words to describe a Libra. They don’t shy away from prints, stripes, or any other pattern. Mix and match? Sure! They are bold and fun. So is there a selection of activewear? These marvel track pants will be an impressive addition to their wardrobe. They can pair these track pants with any t-shirt or sweatshirt. It is a multi-purpose clothing piece that can be worn in multiple ways.

Scorpio–Bermuda Shorts

A scorpion has a dominant personality. They have close buddies and archenemies. You don’t settle for mediocrity. If your gear does not attract compliments along with jealous remarks, then it is not yours. Evergreen and trendy Bermuda shorts are a fun addition to your collection.

Sagittarius–Gym Vests

Freedom is where you want to be. Gym vests for men are not only comfortable but also very trendy. It is especially great for indoor workouts. Be it hot yoga, marathon, or regular gym, a gym vest is not a want but a need.

Capricorn–Sweatshirts for men

Capricorn prefers a clutter-free life and wardrobe. Multi-function clothes are their first choice. When we say multi-purpose, there is nothing better than a sweatshirt. Sweatshirts for men are considered to be one of the best inventions of the apparel industry. They are comfortable, stylish, and can be worn almost anywhere.

Aquarius–Round neck t-shirts

If you ever raid an Aquarian man’s closet, you will find round neck t-shirts. Just like a multi-tasker Aquarian, these t-shirts are versatile. Fast-drying microfiber makes them perfect for wearing to a gym, track event, sports day, or any form of workout.

Pisces–Boxers for men

These men like their comfort. They want something to go from the bed to the gym and then from the gym to bed. Therefore, these boxers are their go-to option. If you are friends with a Piscean, then you will surely see them in relaxed boxers.

So whether you’re laid-back or lazy, active or free-spirited, flirty or fun, at Sporto we have the right fit for everyone. It’s time to get truly stylish this winter with Sporto.