Are you on a weight loss mission? Are you trying different diets and workouts? Well, a weight loss journey is never an easy one. There are lots of dietary modifications and exercises that you need to try to get the desired results. Along with these modifications, taking inch measurements and weighing yourself is essential. However, should you weigh yourself every day, once a week or monthly? Here are some reasons why weighing yourself every day can be helpful in your weight loss journey.

1. A Sense of Encouragement: When you weigh yourself every day and the scales tip in your favor it can be quite encouraging. Even a loss of few grams can give you the push to perform that exercise and follow the diet plan. However, there can be a scenario that there is no change in numbers or worse you would have gained weight. If such is the case, even then you should consider it as a learning and rectify immediately. While if you check your weight at the end of the month and you would have gained it will be quite disappointing. Even at the end of the week, you will feel that the whole week’s efforts are a waste.

2. A Better, Detailed Analysis: Every body functions in a different manner. With daily weight monitoring, you can analyze and explore the foods and form of exercises that are helping in losing weight every day. You can infer on the basis of the results and choose the most suitable options. So, when you monitor your weight daily, you can predict and analyze easily.

3. Get Fat Loss Estimate: A healthy weight loss is a gradual process, and if you monitor your weight regularly it can give an idea about fat loss from the body. You may not see significant changes. However, some data collected every day can help you figure out whether you are losing fat or not.

The weight loss journey should be a slow and steady one. If you aim at sustainable weight loss, then factor in your diet, workout and regularly monitor your weight. With regular weight check, you can make the necessary modifications and get the desired results. Besides, whenever you weigh yourself ensure that you do it first thing in the morning. It is when you weigh yourself empty stomach that you can get the exact idea. It is the best time of the day to weigh yourself. You should ideally check your weight after you use the bathroom and on an empty stomach. Don’t go by the first figure on the digital scale. Check it 2-3 times and take the value that you are getting the maximum number of times. Check your weight, follow clean eating habits and exercise every day to get the desired results. 

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