The winter season is here! The temperatures are continuously dipping, and the chilly breeze is gripping. When even stepping out of the home gets tough, working out is the last thing that will come to your mind during this cold season. So, is it okay to stop exercising during winters? The cold season stays at its peak for a month. Will a choice of not working out make a drastic impact? Studies indicate that if you stop working out even for a short duration, you will lose all your fitness gains. The human body is designed for being physically active. If you pause exercising, then it will have the below impact. Read on the benefits of exercising in winter.

Within 10 DAYS - Impacts Memory

After 10 days of not exercising, the blood flow to different parts of the brain reduces. It also leaves an impact on the hippocampus region of the brain. It is this region that is accountable for the learning and memory function. So, if you thought not working out will only impact your endurance, strength, and weight, then you have missed the impact on brain function.

Within 12 DAYS - Drop in Endurance

Even if you resume working out after 12 days, you will experience a sudden loss of stamina. There is a part of the muscle cell, mitochondria that make energy when you exercise. But when you stop exercising your endurance drops. You will have to start the process all over again. Studies indicate there is a drop in aerobic capacity within 12 days of break.

Within 2 Weeks – Loss of Strength

There are many benefits of strength training. It facilitates quick weight loss and tones your muscle mass. Research points that after strength training for at least 2 months your body benefits with strength and endurance by 10-15%. But the moment you stop exercising it starts reversing within 2 weeks, and there is a sudden loss of strength in body.

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Within 5 Weeks – Gain Fat

Have you ever noticed that a month after stopping your gym session your tummy starts showing again? When you stop training, you will experience sudden weight gain, increase in fat percentage and waist size.

Working out is a lifestyle change to which you need to adapt yourself. Irrespective of the weather condition, you should continue with your workout regime. Giving it a miss once in a while is fine. However, succumbing to extreme cold will hamper your performance and physique. Your months of efforts will go in vain. Rather than quitting, you should look for appropriate winter activewear, layer-up and get going. There are full-sleeves t-shirts, hoodies for men and warm tracks that help you head out and brave the chill. You can even shop for your workout wear online itself from Sporto. There is a complete new autumn winter collection from which you can explore. View the range Sporto Red, shop and continue working out with ease even as the temperature plummets and the sun starts playing hide and seek.