“Man is a social animal”, and the way social media is penetrating into everyone’s life makes this an absolute truth. We end up spending a significant part of our day on different social media platforms. A study conducted last year indicates, an Indian adult on an average spends 1 hour, 18 minutes on digital media. This time is bound to increase as the smartphone usage in the country has increased by 50% in the last five years and is estimated to reach 442.5 million by 2022. If the viewpoint of your peer’s matter, then make the most of it to benefit you in your fitness goals. It is a great way of keeping you motivated, making you accountable and of tracking your fitness. Use this social revolution to your advantage and say yes to social fitness.

Read on to know how you can use social media to your advantage.


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Post, Share & Be Accountable: Everyone starts the fitness journey with a great cheer. However, sooner or later, we tend to falter, and every meal starts becoming a cheat meal. If being accountable is the biggest stumbling block in your fitness ladder, then post your gym goals and objectives, share your achievement and start becoming accountable. It doesn’t mean you share a picture of every inch loss or every meal, instead post a long-term goal, a target and when you achieve it share it and get the likes and comments to motivate you further. As far as being accountable on an everyday basis is concerned, you can share the daily log with a close friend or family. Someone who truly cares and can troll you too.


Post, Share in mobile

Make a Group of Fitness-Minded People: Bring group chatting platforms to your aid and form a group of fitness-enthusiasts in your circle of friends. It is a great way of staying motivated, learning about new exercises and diet regimes, and staying positive. Your friends may know of other pro athletes, yoga teachers, and trainers who can become a part of this fitness community and guide you all for the better. Sometimes just a selfie posted by your friend in the group is motivating enough for you to hit the gym too. 

Fitness-Minded People in social media

Post a Selfie, Do Check-In: Whenever you go for that yoga class or gym session, do check-in, and the likes and comments will keep you coming back for good. Besides, remember to post a selfie now and then. That sweaty selfie will be motivating when more and more friends like it. Moreover, the before and after selfie will give you a further boost in making your weight loss target a reality.

Join Fitness Communities

Join Fitness Communities, Take Up Challenges: Another way of committing yourself to fitness is by joining the different groups on various social media platforms. Such online social groups on fitness posts, motivating quotes, inspiring stories, new diets, and different exercises can keep you going strong for long. Moreover, there are also challenges that are posted from time to time. Like no-sugar for 30 days, no-carbs challenge and more. You can sign up for such challenges, increase your stamina and will-power, and switch to clean eating habits. Along with diet challenges, there are also workout challenges that come-up on these groups. Taking up these workout challenges will help you to start that run, yoga or gym, which you have been planning for long.

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Support, Motivate Others Too: Along with taking support and guidance from social media, you can also be an inspiration to others. Share your success story and motivate others on community fitness to achieve their target too. Set a benchmark for others, make followers and be the light for someone else. 

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