Be it his attitude, his outlook in life or his clothes - flexibility is the need of the hour for every man who has lived through 2020. 

Over the years men’s fashion has met its perfect partner - comfort. The focus of men’s fashion has shifted from ‘what looks good’ to ‘what’s good enough to live in.’ Men are now happy to ditch their stiff three-piece suits, predictable chinos and crisp formal shirts for something more relaxing and breathable. Clothes that can last them all through the day. 

That’s why men and shorts have had a long-standing love affair. And while shorts of different forms have come and gone, bermudas have remained a fan favourite through the ages. Be it a pool-party, fun night with friends, or a day outing, bermudas are a versatile bottom wear option that can make you feel right at home absolutely anywhere. 

We share with you the best bermuda picks of the season that can make work and play easier and more stylish. We got one for every mood!

For Playtime with Kids

Playtime with kids calls for energy, flexibility and fun. You and your clothes need to be able to stretch and be on the move. For this, you need the bermudas that are breathable, roomy, and highly durable – because you know kids always get themselves and you into trouble, right! Our Spiderman shorts for men can help bring out the confident superhero in you and really take the coolness quotient up a few notches. Ready to please all those moms out there?

When It’s Clean-Up Time

Cleaning up and repair can take a lot of effort, and wear your clothes out significantly. When cleaning up, you need comfortable bermudas that breathe well and have enough stretch to help you stay flexible. Try out our men’s shorts with a broad waist band to give you the needed support and style. You can wear these all day without feeling warm or uncomfortable around the waist. Team it up with a vest or simply show off your ripped muscles!

Time to Share the Load

When it’s your turn to do the heavy lifting and share the burden of packing, moving, or flexing those muscles, you really need the right kind of support. And nothing can work better than a pair of Hulk men’s shorts. Not just for moral support and inspiration, but also because these are really light shorts that pack in maximum stretch for utility and comfort! Don’t worry about splitting seams or ripping fabric; these are designed to last longer and weather really harsh conditions. Now you can move around, lift, lower, and exert yourself, knowing that your shorts will stay snug and comfortable throughout.

For the MasterChef within

If it’s time to whip up a jazzy meal, you need everything to be just right – the material, the mood, and the style. Picking the perfect bermudas that can help you feel smooth and mobile is imperative. Try out our stylish men’s bermudas with zipper to help get your creative genius going. Our handy pockets are ideal to keep your phone tucked away safely. Look for a light tee or a simple vest to keep your shorts company.

Regardless of the mood or reason, bermudas are a wonderful excuse to feel super comfortable and uber chic. They are perhaps the most effortless way of wearing your casual style everywhere. With the right bermudas on you, you are always fashion-forward!