It’s Birthday Time! It is that time of the year when you celebrate your birth, your life. Why not? You are super special and need to treat yourself on your day. But, if you are on a getting fit journey, this year, then don’t let your birthday interfere with your plan. You can easily work things around and plan a healthy birthday party, this year. No, we are not saying you can’t hit the bar or indulge in your favourite platter? Rather, burn it and earn it. Read on to learn various healthy ways of commemorating your birth, this year.

1.Start with Yoga and End with Dance: On your birthday you like to spend time with your friends and family. Instead, of meeting up at a restaurant or at bar, why not start the day with those who matter at the yoga studio. Yes, look for a studio in your neighbourhood and start the day with a yoga therapy. Refreshing and revitalizing, it is a great way to connect and feel healthy. For your birthday eve, you can rent a dance studio and groove to your favourite tunes with your folks. Dancing is truly engaging, a great calorie burner and can be a fun way to celebrate your big day.

2.Run for a Cause: Search for local events during your birthday week or on your birthday and run for a cause, which is close to your heart. You can even get your friends to sign up for it and make your special day even more special. In fact, once you sign up for a marathon, you can start meeting up with your friends for practising during the run up days. This will keep the momentum high for the big day and crossing the finishing line on your birthday will add to the celebration fervour.

3.Plan a Me Day: Birthdays are not always meant to be celebrated with someone. A healthy birthday can be a treat you gift to yourself. After all, not everyone can do it and not every year you do it. So, retreating into your cocoon can be perfectly fine and you can plan your birthday with a relaxing spa or restorative yoga for you. Just turn off the phone, retreat to nature and reconnect with yourself. It might turn out to be a day you will fondly remember.

4.Healthy Mocktails & Untraditional Treats: In keeping with your fitness goals, you can skip the cocktails and bar hopping on this birthday. Instead, scan the web and dig out healthy mocktail recipes to which you can treat yourself. It will be an easy way of enjoying your drink and giving company to your friends. Likewise, instead of indulging in those calorie bombs, look for a healthy birthday party menu. Treat yourself and your friends to some healthy preparations. Don’t let empty calories mar your celebrations, this year.

5.Plan Outside your Comfort Zone: It’s your day, plan it, seize it and do it now. You will need to get out of the comfort zone and plan your birthday in a different manner, this year. Treating yourself to something healthy will be difficult if year after year you have indulged in those sugary treats on your birthday. But, ticking this off from your bucket list will be truly rewarding and you will get the feeling of accomplishment.

And off course, when it comes to shopping for your birthday, don’t just stick to party clothes. Rather, look for cool fitness clothing too and treat yourself to a fit and healthy birthday. If you are looking for fitness wear, then check the collection by Sporto. There is a comfy vest, a stretchable track and a cool t-shirt, which you will love to wear on your special day. Check the range here and have a super healthy, Happy Birthday.