Making a dashing entry on a bike (sometimes standing between two). Chasing the heroine around trees or fooling around with her on the college campus. Beating up the bad guys in a heated fury - all this while sporting #epicfashionfails such as printed pants, see-through vests or super tight t-shirts with the utmost swagger. The typical Bollywood leading man of the 80s and 90s could easily be defined in just three words - macho, romantic and emotional.

Thankfully over the years this image and on-screen portrayal of the ideal Indian man has changed. When it comes to being flexible and fashionable, the Bollywood hero seems to be on his A-game in recent years. Now he is no more just stalking heroines in the name of love or beating people to a pulp. 

Bollywood heroes are now turning over a new leaf to usher in the idea that men don’t have to be confined to stereotypes to prove their macho quotient.  Here is a list of the most Iconic FlexiMen, those real-life heroes who gave us all #FlexiGoals with the characters they played on-screen. 


Akshay Kumar in Padman

Playing a character completely different from his original macho image, Khiladi Kumar proved that hanging off helicopters and airplanes was not the only way to play macho. In Padman, he became a hero by making a true difference to the life of his own wife and thousands of women. He played a hero who raised nothing but his voice and used nothing but his determination to begin a movement for women’s health and hygiene. That his character was inspired by the real social entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganantham was the icing on the cake.

Arjun Kapoor in Ki & Ka

The usually goofy Arjun Kapoor made sure that even Bollywood heroes can turn around the traditional clichés and be totally okay with the woman of the house calling the shots. From running the home, going grocery shopping to handling all the household chores, Arjun Kapoor made it a point to the audience that all it takes is understanding and mutual respect for a family to be happy. And all the constructs of a man being the sole breadwinner of a family is a concept for the stone ages and not the current generation.

Farhan Akhtar in Dil Dhadakne Do 

Playing the role of a journalist whose thoughts were in sync with the 21st century man, Farhan’s character, Sunny was all things amazing. He was quick to call out the pseudo-feminist and bigoted attitude of Manav (Rahul Bose), the husband of his ex-girlfriend and take a feminist stand for women everywhere. And did we mention that his fashion game was on-point when it came to this movie, where he wore subtle yet stylish t-shirts for men, matching the chilled out attitude of his character.

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