Men’s fashion fails – we see them all the time, and they all make us laugh outrageously.

Fads may come and go, but some fashion trends leave an impact on your mind for a long, long time. We bring you 5 such outrageous trends that may have been cool when it came to men’s fashion back in the day, but only make us LOL today! Here are the top 5 Fashion Fails that we love to laugh at. 

  • Bare-chested suit: You might have seen plenty of these on a runway, but this definitely cannot be worn in daily life, for many reasons. The most obvious of them all is that you will find this extremely uncomfortable. Jackets are usually made of coarser fabric that is certain to irritate the skin. So, even if you’ve killed yourself getting those six-packs and ripped abs, bare-chested suits simply won’t do.
  • Sheer shirts: This is another edgy fashion choice that is best left on the ramp, on a mannequin or on Hrithik Roshan dancing to ‘Ik pal ka jeena’. However, sheer shirts are not a practical option to wear either in the day or at night, unless you want to make heads turn for all the wrong reasons. P.s. If you must wear one of these, do ensure you have a vest or shirt underneath.
  • Oversized jeans: These may be a great buy for someone looking to pull off an underground look. For a while, this was even a fad among high schoolers. However, it’s been phased out a while now and is not something you want to own or wear. If anything, oversized jeans make you look like you’re a little boy wearing your father or older brother’s hand me downs which is really not pleasing when you’re an adult. A great alternative - opt for baggy fit denims in your size instead. 
  • Shorts and turtlenecks: This is a confusing statement. There is no cohesion that this pair can bring. Shorts are typically for the summer, while turtlenecks are for colder weather. Put together; it conjures a confusing image that just looks and feels off. You have to be a model in a center-spread or on the ramp to pull of this look
  • Short shorts: Men’s shorts are all about a laid-back style. There is something very appealing about men dressed in smart shorts. You always imagine men lounging around in comfortable shorts feeling completely at ease and at peace. When you imagine sportsmen in shorts, you can see the musculature of their thighs rip right through. But nothing really justifies wearing short shorts – the kind that is close to or aligned with the inseam. It looks awkward, and one can only imagine how uncomfortable it must feel. Even if you have picked them out of the latest fashion catalogue, they will find almost no admirers when you wear them.

Understanding your body and making practical garment choices is as important as looking good when it comes to fashion that’s wearable. Always remember, the best-dressed man is one who carries off his clothes with confidence and charm. Neither of these requires you to sport the latest fads. They only require you to have a little understanding and insight. That’s more than enough to get the heads turning!