What is it that keeps you off that fitness challenge? Is it the fear of failure or the fear of dropping out early? Well, we all know that fitness challenges are a great way of reaching one’s fitness goals. However, maintaining the momentum often gets tough, and we end up wavering from the chosen path. The enthusiasm vanishes, and we are back into our slumber mode, eating whatever, whenever. So, should one not think about these fitness challenges, rather of any such fitness regimes? Well, you must and even try to achieve it with the below tips and tricks.

listr of fitness goals

#Tip 1: Know your Goals: One often thinks that those digits on the weighing scales are the primary motivating factors. However, if you pause and think there will be more to it. So, it is essential that you sit down and pen your goals. Often that high BP, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels will become the driving force, instead of the six pack abs. So, get a full body check-up done, review your reports, if all is well, then make those positive reports your benchmark. Commit yourself to good health and then see the change in your commitment levels.

pen your goals

#Tip 2: Know you are Accountable: Once you know your goal, you should start becoming accountable. Whether the purpose of good health is for you or your kids, you should take ownership. No personal trainer, no dietician can be the motivating factor. It has to come from within, and you will need to know the price you will pay for missing your run and binging on that cake. The moment you can control those temptations; you will win more than half the battle. If the risks are high, so will be the rewards. Try, it will surely be worth it.

Know your Weaknesses

#Tip 3: Know your Weaknesses: You may have faltered in the past, and the chances of faltering remain high in the future too, if you don’t take cognizance of your weaknesses, your real enemies. Try to recall from your past experiences, when did you deviate and why and look for means to sail over these weaknesses. Don’t succumb to common weaknesses, instead plan and win over them, this time. If you know eating out once over the weekend will be indispensable with friends, then try to avoid binging during the week. One cheat meal is fine, but try portion control and look for healthier options.

fitness journey have to Start

#Tip 4: Know you have to Start: When the goal and accountability are set, and weaknesses are known you should get the ball rolling. Getting into too many analyses will not fetch you with anything. So, it is important that you start with a clear goal in mind and try to make your fitness journey a successful one. After all, no plan is perfect it is you who can make it perfect by accomplishing it.

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