Timing is everything, and its importance cannot be undermined in one’s weight loss mission. It is not just about what you are eating but also when you are eating. Every calorie counts when you need to see visible changes on the weighing scales. However, along with the calorie, it is also about the food timing for good health and weight loss. Try adopting the below tips to time your meals and see the results.

protein-rich food for good health

1. Power-Packed Protein Breakfast: The significance of breakfast cannot be stated enough. It is the most important meal of the day and the way you plan it will make much difference to your weight loss goals. Plan a protein-rich first meal of the day, which will keep you full for longer and help in losing your weight. Don’t succumb to those sugary cereals, which are easy to prepare and gives the energy spike. Instead, have protein-rich food, and add vegetables and fruits to your breakfast and kick start the day on a healthy note.

post-workout meal for muscle gain

2. Eat after Workout: The way you plan your workout schedule you should also work on the post-workout snack. It is important that you eat right after exercising to reap the maximum benefit. A protein-based snack can be the best post-workout meal for muscle gain. So, you should try to eat a protein-rich snack after 60 minutes of completing the workout.

Wholesome Lunch Spread

3. Big, Wholesome Lunch Spread: During your weight loss process, those cravings are bound to test you and ignoring it for long will eventually make you succumb to it. Try to accommodate your cravings once in the week and preferably in your lunch. This way you will have ample time to digest and burn it. Besides, even when it comes to planning your lunch meal, it should be a big and wholesome one. You can eat a healthy lunch meal and stay energetic to perform your day’s chores. However, time your lunch a little early in the day. Eating something late in the day will lead to digestion issues, and food can get stored as fat inhibiting your weight loss.

late night snack

4. Quit Bedtime Snacking: The closer you are to calling it a day, the lesser you should eat and avoid snacking even closer to bedtime. When you eat late at night, it impacts your sleep and the hormones which regulate your stress level and appetite. The body metabolism slows down as dawn approaches, so it is best to give your body rest at least 2 hours before sleeping. Try to eat an early dinner and at the max opt for one healthy, late night snack.

good sleep

5. Sleep Right, On Time: Along with following your diet regime and timing, you should also sleep on time. As far as possible, develop a bedtime routine and try to sleep at the same time every day. Eat light, sleep on time and experience a change not just in the weighing scales, but your energy levels too. A sound and good sleep benefit you holistically.

Follow the above tips and make your weight loss goals a reality. Along with eating right and timing your meals right, you should take care of your sleep pattern and workout routine. Eat on time, sleep on time and workout on time for a slimmer, healthier and better you. Invest in healthy food, comfortable nightwear and workout wear to keep up your motivation levels. If you are longing for smart and easy fitness wear, then Sporto has a lot in store for you. Explore the range here of full sleeve t-shirts, lowers for men and stay committed to your workout goals.