Dear Stress,

Let’s Break-Up!

We all have been trying to break-up with stress. Life is becoming increasingly stressful for everyone around. From work to home, you are always busy chasing things, which creates stress all the time. The madness begins in the morning and goes well until night. If you simply look around, you will find that rush, that craziness in almost everyone and intentionally or unintentionally you are suffering from stress. There is work, relationship, finance and many other kinds of stress that people have to deal with on a day to day basis. While, some stress is natural and healthy for you, other can be exhausting and can affect your health.

Before we go into sharing tips on how to deal with stress effectively, it is essential that you understand the different ways in which your body gets stressed. If it is work that is giving you stress, then your body is being affected mentally. Yes, you are having mental stress all the time. While, if you run that extra mile or workout with heavy weights, then you are stressing your body, physically. And whether it is mental or physical stress, after a point it will have its impact on your body and overall well-being.

So, if you notice that anxious behavior, more sweating or if you start breathing quickly, then it’s an alarm signal. You need to take cognizance of your stressed situation, now. Other than these visible signs of stress, your heart rate and blood pressure will also go up. Furthermore, stress levels also impact your hormones and metabolism levels. It is for this reason that you feel loss of appetite or hunger pangs when stressed. Other ways in which stress can impact your body includes, sharpening of vision, muscle getting tensed and loss of sense of pain.

But don’t worry, it is best to take cognizance of the situation and deal with stress, before it starts dealing with you in various ways. There are various natural means that can give you the results, quickly.

1. Try to assess what triggers your body’s relaxation response as it instantly brings down your blood pressure levels. Whether it is meditation, deep breathing, yoga, playing with your baby or strolling with your pet in the park, just give it a try, whatever works, and instantly feel relieved.

2. The food you eat also plays an important role. Healthy food can make you feel better and de-stressed. Try including those green leafy veggies, raw veggies, whole grains and a platter full of protein like fish, nuts, dairy and lean meat. Start your morning with a fresh fruit instead of black coffee or tea. In addition, you can also try consulting your physician and include a multi-vitamin dose every day. It becomes essential as your vitamin and nutrient levels start depleting when you are stressed, making you feel vulnerable and irritated. So, a dose of multi-vitamin in addition to fresh fruits and veggies will help you cope better instead of relying on chocolates and junks to kill your stress created hunger pangs.

3. Don’t forget to work out. Hit the gym, the track and give yourself a stress-free hour. The benefit of work out is that you stay distracted at least for that one hour and it helps you to relive muscle tension and breathe freely. Working out prepares you to deal better with every day stress caused by work or relationship.

Try these tips and feel the difference in your overall well-being. And when it comes to choosing your workout gear, then look no further than From cool lower for men to sporty round neck t shirts for mens, you can get everything home delivered for a fab workout session. Moreover, the right workout gear will give you that push to get going every day for your gym or run. Try to understand the kind of stress your body is suffering and deal with it holistically.