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Tips to Start Power Lifting

Jul 12, 2019

Do you wish to challenge your strength or build it? For making and testing your strength,

powerlifting is the way to go. A great form of strength training, it facilitates weight loss, builds the lean tissue and increases your longevity. Powerlifting is a perfect strength sport for those who like to learn the art and science of weightlifting. You can lift as much weight as you wish in different barbell exercises such as a back squat, deadlift and bench press.

If you are planning to take up the powerlifting challenge or wish to build your stamina, then here are some tips for beginners that will come useful.

Start Practising Before Training: The three essential lifts in powerlifting include, squats, bench press and deadlifts. Each of these looks quite simple in the first glance. However, even one wrong step or lift can cause injury. So, before you start weight lifting, it is essential that you practise each of these exercises to perfection. Once you start doing these workouts seamlessly, then you can add weights and train yourself. Moreover, even when you add weight and do a bench press in the wrong way; it will not help you. Form and technique go hand in hand when it comes to powerlifting. This makes it essential that you learn the exercise correctly and then give weights a try.

Start Performing After Training: Once you know the way to do it, you should start performing the lifts more often relying on your strength and experience. Many powerlifters avoid competition for more time in the lure of giving their best shot. However, you should give it a try rallying on your form and strength and know your weakness and work on them.

Stay Focussed on Three Lifts: The three main lifts of powerlifting are deadlift, bench press and back squat. You should stay focussed and keep it simple by practising only these three lifts, session after session. If you try to learn too many exercises or overdue on the training part, it will only complicate the process for you. The three lifts are primary and should be your focus area.

Train under a Professional: When it comes to powerlifting, training is fundamental. You should not compromise on the gym or personal trainer. Look for a renowned gym and learn the skill of powerlifting under an adroit trainer. The gym should have a conducive environment and right powerlifting equipment, and the trainer should have the right approach to get you going.

Focus on Clothing & Hands: In your endeavour to become a proficient powerlifter, you must focus on your workout wear and take extra care of your hands. You should look for fitting sports vest and comfortable tracks that will facilitate the lift. Likewise, to take care of your hands, you must always wear gloves, and if you develop calluses, then seek medical attention.

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