With Christmas and New Year round the corner, merry-making and social meetings will be in full force. Your social calendar will be completely packed and you will be heading out almost every day of the week. Well, refusing to invites or keeping yourself boycotted to stay fit and fine is not the solution. Rather, go all out, meet your friends, family and acquaintances and stay fit, this season. Wondering how is it possible to manage your fitness routine and enjoy the holiday season? Well, here are the holiday fitness tips, the easiest one’s for you that can ensure you don’t gain those calories.

Tip 1: Stick to your Workout Regime: It is absolutely essential for you to stick to your workout routine irrespective of your engagements. You need to squeeze-in your workout plan as during holidays having a planned workout is out of the question. So, go for that gym session or run whenever you get a chance. Don’t skip it even a single day thinking that you can cover-up tomorrow. If you can’t manage a complete hour long workout, at least go for 34-40 minutes and have your workout regime in place. This will help you stay fit, burn those extra calories and be in shape through the holiday season. So, along with your holiday shopping do buy some new workout clothes and stay motivated to perform your best. You can get cool and colourful track pants for gym and jersey for running from Sporto.in. Check the collection and order the trendiest tees and tracks in town.

Tip 2: Eat Cautiously: If you follow your workout regime, you can at least expect your weight to be maintained. But, if you are on a weight loss mode and even an extra kilo matters, then eat cautiously. Ideally a person should have one cheat day, but with holiday season it is eating out and party every day. This makes it essential that you eat with caution. Before you go for that second helping, do consider whether you really need it or it’s just for the taste sake. But, if you have foodies in the group who will insist you to eat along, then go for small helpings. Let it be a tasting rather than an indulging session.

healthy food

Tip 3: Don’t Skip Your Meals: If you have a brunch planned, that doesn’t mean you will not have anything after waking-up. You should still have your morning tea, breakfast and small fruit. Otherwise, you will not only eat way more during that brunch, but also end up slowing your metabolism. Take your meals and snacks irrespective of whether you are eating out or at home. If you will not skip meals, you will be able to manage the portion control and your weight better.

Tip 4: Do Sleep Well: Other than working out and eating responsibly, it is essential that you sleep well and for 7 to 9 hours every day. If you don’t sleep well, you will feel exhausted, end-up munching more to stay energetic. So, if you had that late night and you are an early riser, try power napping during the day. But, anything less than 7 hours should not be a norm.

power napping

Tip 5: Take Up a Seasonal Sport: Plan your social gatherings in a different way. Go beyond lunch and high teas and plan some seasonal sport too. Find your exercise buddy and plan a game of football or badminton out under the winter sun? Likewise, if you are going to the mountains for your New Year’s try to incorporate skiing or ice skating and have a feel of this season, and stay fit.

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Try these tips and do carry your workout wear wherever you are travelling this holiday season. You can shop for some stylish and comfortable workout wear from Sporto and stay motivated to burn the calories every single day.

Here’s wishing you a Healthy Holiday Season!