Millennials love to wear athleisure clothing because they are not only comfortable to wear but also trendy. The fashion trend of the world is changing, especially with the pandemic taking over. People are working from home, which requires clothing to be super comfortable and flexible. Athleisure is a combination of athletics and leisure. You can wear this for workouts as well as casual outings. Hoodies and track pants are an integral part of athleisure garments and the younger generation, which loves to sway with the trends, is going all-in on this new style of freedom plus flexibility—keeping the new trend in mind Sporto Flexiwear has come up with a huge range of athleisure garments like the best hoodies for men, Bermudas, jersey t-shirts and tracks. 

Why go for hoodies?

Men's hoodies have become the most in-thing in fashion these days. There is rarely anyone nowadays who does not have a hoodie or a hoodie jacket in their wardrobe. A simple and effortless navy hoodie jacket or black hoodie jacket can never go out of fashion. Flaunting a hoodie has become the new fashion statement, be it summers or winters.

With the revolutionised fashion statement, hoodies are no more restricted to winters. They are made from summer-friendly materials which feel comfortable yet stylish. Pair your hoodie with black track pants, and you are ready to hit the gym or for an outing with friends or family.

The most positive attribute of a hoodie is the comfort level. Hoodies provide warmth in winters and comfort in summers. They are versatile and can be paired with anything and everything from jeans to shorts. A hoodie makes you look young and fashionable, making whoever dons it look very trendy, even if they’re not a millennial.

Keep on reading to find out the top 10 ways to style your hoodie this festive season:

With festivities around the corner, everyone would love to look and feel their best. Sporto brings the best hoodies for men to flaunt your fashion statement this festive season. Here are the top 10 ways to style your hoodies from Sporto:

1. Want to go out with friends in the morning, pair our Hoodie Jacket with shorts. You can try out denim shorts or cotton shorts; our hoodies will go well with them all. You will not only look stylish but also beat the heat confidently. Don't forget to flaunt your best eyewear too for the extra smart look.

2. To get a contemporary urban look, pair your favourite hoodie from Sporto with a bomber jacket. Wear our black hoodie jacket and top it with your favourite bomber for that killer look this festive season. To complete your look, pair the duo with jeans and sneakers.

3. If you want to achieve a casual yet cool look this festive season, pair your dark grey hoodie jacket from Sporto with a cool white v-neck t-shirt and complete the look with sneakers and skinny jeans.

4. You can wear our maroon hooded sweatshirt with kangaroo pockets along with a cozy pair of black track pants for a friend’s night out this festive season. The combination will make you feel comfortable and look stylish.

5. For a semi-formal look, you can opt for our blue hooded sweatshirt with pockets above your favourite off white chinos. Keep the zip open for that blond, flamboyant look. Sport this look with ease to any social get-together and exude confidence!

6. Want to create a sober yet stylish look? Wear Sporto’s Grey Hoodie Sweatshirt For Men with a pair of navy blue jeans. You will ace the perfect gentleman look in this sober and comfortable combination. Carry this timeless look with confidence on a date with your beloved.

7. Pair a black sweatshirt from Sporto with a leather jacket for a comfortable night out with friends during the festive season. Team the duo with a pair of denim and boots for an extra rugged look to turn things around.

8. Want a casual, laid-back work-out look? Pair a hoodie of any colour with men’s sports pants. Because who doesn’t want a toned look this festive season! So hit the gym in this cool combination and burn those extra calories.

9. How about a dashing look to become the centre of attraction? Pair your favourite hoodie with a white t-shirt beneath. Team the duo with dark blue jeans and matching sneakers to become the talk of the town.

10. The smart festive look - Wear a checkered shirt with a pair of chinos and top it with a black hoodie. Accessorize with a belt and cool wristbands for that extra smart look.

These are some of the looks that you can try out with your favourite hoodies. There are more ways to experiment with your sense of style. You can create your own look with the best hoodies for men from