The month of love is here! It’s time to celebrate valentine’s day and the relationships that matter. Of course, the tradition of flowers and chocolates can continue. But how about taking-up the responsibility of keeping each other healthy? How about reviving the relationship with fitness? Be the couple who is setting major fitness oops relationship goals and let others follow suit.

Below are five such ways of making the heart exercise and getting in shape this February.

couple run together

#PlanARunTogether: You are together forever and make it count by planning a run together. It need not be on the fourteenth. Instead, you can plan it anytime during the month, but plan it together. Do it like you would plan that date? Yes, fix a time and venue, and ensure you are both ready to take the plunge. A different kind of date but will be worth it. However, ensure that you both run together. It is alright to slow down or pace up to match your partners speed. The idea is to spend some time together and to get each other’s heart pounding.

#AGymSessionTogether: If the idea of a run doesn’t excite or you wish to do something in your comfort zone, then go for a successful gym session together. There are several partner workouts, which you can do as a couple. Motivate and pull-up each other, and give it your best shot. From back to back med ball passes to sit-up’s, there are a variety of workouts, which you both can do together. Working out together will be fun. So, pace-up each other’s heart rate the fit way.

successful gym session

#PerformEachOthersWorkout: You don’t like yoga and she doesn’t like weight lifting. Well, everyone has their likes and dislikes. But how about making it special for each other by attending each other’s workout class. For a day, you can accompany her to the yoga class and she can come the following day for your weight lifting session. You can both follow each other’s workout plan and inspire the other. Who knows you become regulars in both the classes? If nothing else, it will be a great way to bring back the excitement how you use to look for each other at the beginning.

#PlanOutsideTheComfortZone: It’s the month of love, the month of sharing and caring. So, step outside the comfort zone and sign-up for something, which you have not tried before. How about rock climbing? It will be exciting and engaging. Give it a try and experience that adrenaline rush. Research indicates that doing something new together can bring the excitement back in your relationship. So, getting outside the comfort zone will be worth it.

#GiftWorkoutClothes: If you are convinced to get each other’s heart pounding this Valentines month, then don’t forget to gift each other some classy and cool workout wear. You can look fit and dress fit with smart athleisure wear from Sporto. Get him some comfortable track pants and colourful t-shirts, and let him dress in something nice and relaxing. Even the latest mens spring fashion 2019 is getting launched in the online stores, so you can check this collection too. You can gift clothes that look fab inside the gym and outside.

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