Yes, this is absolutely true in your weight loss journey, as well. You will face hiccups, there will be challenges, but the key is to Make It Possible. There will be times when you will want to call it off, indulge in binge eating and skip the gym. It is normal, but if you give up once, then the return journey will be even more daunting. Below, are some weight loss motivation tips for you when that weight is getting stuck, when you don’t feel like working out or when you simply want to indulge in that dessert as you feel stuck.

fruit diet for weight loss

1. Reset the Goal: You need to keep revisiting your goals and this holds true for weight loss, as well. When you started the weight loss cycle, you wanted to lose 1 kg per week, but now that you have lost some bit, you should revise it. Another great way of resetting the goal is by planning for the next big event in your life. Whether it is that wedding of your cousin or your own birthday, treat everyone and yourself with a sleek and slim you. Ensure all eyes are set upon you in the next event and your weight loss success story becomes the topic of discussion.

fitness partner for weight loss program

2. Find your Fitness Partner: Do you know a great way to push yourself for that gym session is when you have a friend waiting for you? So, look for that fitness partner in your office or at home for staying motivated to lose weight and get going every day. Your fitness buddy will be the reason of going to the gym even on days when you are completely turned off. Of course, you will not keep your friend waiting or ditch. So, when the going gets tough, seek solace in your friend.

weight loss progress chart

3. Design a Progress Chart: Sometimes what we have achieved is a great way of getting inspired. For instance, if you have lost 5 kg in a span of 3 months, look up at this weight loss motivation chart and get going. If you are diverting from your goals, then make this chart. Map your earlier progress, feel good about it and challenge yourself to attain the remaining target.

4. Make a Vision Board: After you design the progress chart, start making a vision board. It is easy to keep yourself committed when you visualize. No, don’t paste images of those super models, rather go for cut outs of clothes you aspire to wear, images of perfect sugar reports, and inspirational diet quotes. It should be a colossal of things, something that will inspire you to look smart and have the perfect health report.

no pain no gain

5. Reward & Enjoy: Once you have measurable and attainable goals, start rewarding yourself as and when you achieve a new target. Whether you have lost 5% of weight since the last time you weighed yourself or it is 10%, jump with joy and rejoice. The feel good vibes also play their magic. In addition, have a reward system in place. Maybe stick to your weight loss meal plan and not indulge in an ice cream, but reward yourself with a nice massage, earphone or pair of jeans that you have been longing to buy.

Try the above tips, as soon as your weight loss is getting stuck. Immediately, sit down, revise your goals and get going. The key to weight loss is healthy eating, with portion control management and workout. So, don’t ditch your run or gym sessions. If you are planning to reward yourself with new workout wear for staying motivated to lose weight, then there are plenty of options waiting for you at Sporto. You can check the amazing summer collection at and keep your reward ready in the cart. We will come home to deliver your next reward when you achieve a new target.