The spring season is here! It is one of the most beautiful seasons, but it also brings a set of health woes for many. The blooming flowers, fresh grass and trees release pollen in the air, which is a natural process but leads to allergies. These allergies affect some people during spring, while it continues to impact others even during the summer season. Running nose, chest congestion, mood swings and itchy eyes are often the symptom of these spring allergies. The problem is that the over the counter medicines can provide only temporary relief. So, instead of succumbing to these seasonal allergies it is important to strengthen your immunity against these allergies.

Here are four such effective ways of strengthening your immunity.

Adopt an Active Lifestyle: If you want to work on your immunity level, then you should adopt a healthy lifestyle. For this, it is important that you work out on a regular basis and switch to healthy eating habits. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce the effects of allergy on your body. It is a way of preparing your body to fight against seasonal vulnerabilities. But this change and adoption of healthy lifestyle must be a lifelong habit. You will have to prepare your body throughout the year so that dealing with these seasonal allergies will be easy. Plan a healthy diet, make the necessary modifications, do exercise, invest in right workout clothes and stay healthy. However, if you have allergic symptoms at the start of the season, then switch to working out indoors.

Indulge in Refreshing Citrus Drinks: To deal with spring allergies effectively and to strengthen your immunity you should increase the consumption of citrus fruits and drinks. Include those lemons, oranges, grapefruit and more fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C in your diet to aid your fight against seasonal allergies. Moreover, citrus fruits can energise your body and make you feel refreshed.

Start Meditating: When you meditate and calm your body, you can have better control over your body and mind. One of the prominent reasons behind the aggravation of allergies is the stress factor. When the stress levels are high, the whole immune system of your body gets impacted and allergy symptoms will be a bigger challenge. So, if you want to reduce the allergy-related symptoms, you should try to practice daily meditation and relax your body.

Eat Immunity Boosting Food: There are certain foods that can naturally boost your immunity. Like, start having walnuts. You can enjoy it as a snack, and it will help in easing your allergy symptoms. It has high magnesium content and is known for curbing coughing and wheezing. Walnuts are also a rich source of Vitamin E and can boost immune system and protect your body from allergens. Even apples are effective as they can reduce histamine production. Along with apple and walnut, drinking peppermint tea can also prove useful. Peppermint has luteolin-7-O-rutinoside (a type of flavonoid), which inhibits the secretion of anti-inflammatory enzymes.

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? How do you prepare your body and boost your immunity? Share your tips in the comments below and let others benefit too.