Flexiwear has been creating a buzz recently. The world is moving more towards comfortability and flexibility. In every aspect of life. So how does Flexiwear come into the picture? And why is everyone obsessing over it?  What does it actually mean?


For centuries, people have been trapped in super uncomfortable clothes. It was all about 'how they look' more than 'how they feel' in them. Fashion and comfort didn’t go hand-in-hand.
Shedding this concept behind, Flexiwear has revolutionized the way we dress now. Flexiwear is a breath of fresh air as well as a statement of their identity. It is for those amazing people who believe flexibility is as much in the mind as it is in the body. Whether you like being always on the move outside or whether you like chilling inside, Flexiwear is for you. In short, it is for an entire generation with a Flexible mindset. A new trend of fashion, comfort, and versatility. Let’s see how.

What's so special about Flexiwear?

1. One Stop Solution

Bringing the world of comfort and fashion together, the new trending Flexiwear is your go-to collection for any occasion. It can be your casual home wear. Stretch at the gym. Or you can step out and hang out with your buddies. You can even plan a romantic date or a glamorous event in your favorite comfy clothes. With multiple styles available, you can rock any look while at ease.
Now the best part. The range of colour and pattern varieties available also makes it possible for Flexiwear to be an office wear option. Can't believe it? Sporto has a collection of classic bottom wears for men that may look like formal wear from the outside but provides comfort all day long. One less thing to worry about while you focus on work.

2. Material is the real hero

We choose Flexiwear for its ultra-comfy fabric. Sporto's Flexiwear collection is made of rich cotton fabric, offering the much-needed breathability to your skin. It has 80% rich cotton for comfort and breathability and 20% polyester for sheen and flexibility. The fabric is also strong enough to bear rugged use and does not wear off soon. Truly a sustainable and durable material.

3. The technology behind your clothes

    Oh yes. Sporto Flexiwear come with Flexiloop technology which provides the much-needed comfort and class to your clothing. A lot of processing goes into making this possible. Let's see what they are.

  1. Knitting - Sporto Flexiwear is specially knitted with a computerized machine to give a high-density fabric and a defect-free piece.
  2. Dyeing - The automatic soft flow dyeing gives an even colour that does not fade off easily.
  3. Bio Wash - The special bio-wash finish adds brighter and glossier look to the fabric and also prevents fabric pilling.
  4. Silicon Softener - This compound is added to the fabric to give it a soft feel, making it skin-friendly. It also increases the fabric's lifetime.

  5. Some Flexiwear Collections

    Well, Sporto has a wide range of collections that falls under comfy wear for men. Let's check it out.

    1. T-shirts

    2. Track pants

    3. Joggers

    4. Bermuda 

    5. Gym vests 

    6. Athletic jersey 

    7. Shorts

    8. Capri

    We hope you know all about Flexiwear and why it is ruling the apparel world now. The day won’t be far when Flexiwear will be everywhere. So, let's not waste any more time and get yourself your favourite Flexiwear now!