You know you’re lazy when you get excited about plans getting canceled.

Summer is here. And so are the long days. The long lazy days. When after the 5th Netflix marathon or after the longest sleeping competition, you may feel a bit bored. So if you don’t have a new hobby that you can start this summer, let us be your guide. 

1. Read a book

Reading is dreaming with open eyes.

Start reading a book this summer. Nothing's better than spending a summer afternoon reading a book. It opens your mind and makes you think.

If you're just getting started, we recommend to kickstart with a fictional one so you don't get bored and stop reading. 

2. Take walks

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. 

Going on walks is the best time to ponder upon various things. You get time to peek into your life. To question it. To analyze it. Or just get some fresh air. Cool breeze on your face really calms you down and brings positivity. Either way, it’s a healthy routine to take upon.

3. Watch movies

Movies are more than just an entertainment source. You get to learn about society.

It’s probably one of the favorite pastimes of today’s generation. Summer’s the best time to watch movies. Watching a movie with friends is always fun. Gather up your gang and go out for a movie. Or watch a movie at home together. Whatever it is, don't forget the popcorn.         

4. Plan outings

The world needs more picnics.

This is one activity which has been lost under the mountain of work pressure. People need to take time to relax, to chill with family and friends. It is very important to reset the brain to start fresh. So, this summer, don't forget to plan more picnics and outings with your favorite people.

5. Inculcate a habit

People may come. People may go. Habits are there to stay with you.

Sounds poetic right? But it’s true. Habit is one such thing you love doing and can have throughout your life. Be it music, cooking, sports, doodling, anything. Hobbies are necessary to indulge yourself into another world. Take up any hobby you like and pursue it. You never know, you can become an expert someday.

6. Explore new places

Exploring new places makes you explore yourself.

Find new places near you each day or each week or each month. Be it restaurants, libraries, cafes, parks, etc. It helps to keep the dull days exciting. You may find the best place to hang out in this exploration. Plus you get to be the ‘know it all’ in your circle.

7. Hit a gym

The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

Yes. It’s time to get ready for a beach bod. It's the perfect time to get a membership and start sweating. Taking a shower after a good workout on a summer day makes it all worth it. 

As you see, there are endless possibilities! So don’t hesitate to come up with other ideas to do during your summer and try them with your friends. You won’t be disappointed.

Have an enjoyable, relaxing holiday, and remember to use sunscreen!

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