That fresh aroma

That beautiful froth

The perfect colour

If you’re a true coffee lover, you know we’re talking about coffee.

Here’s a treat for you.

1st October is International Coffee Day.

A special day for coffee lovers. We bet most of you didn’t know this day existed until now. But now that you know, why not celebrate it! We never say no to more reasons to celebrate.

But how to celebrate the day when you’re at home and can’t meet other people to enjoy a good coffee because of the pandemic risks? Worry not, we have a solution for you. Enter the virtual world this Coffee Day. Get on Zoom calls with your favourite people and share a nice piping-hot cup of coffee. Here’s what you can wear for your different calls.

1. A perfect date to Date

We all know coffee has a special place for dates. No date is complete without a perfect cup of coffee. Set a date this Coffee Day with your bae over a video call and get everything ready. A classic henley neck tee never goes wrong for a date. You can even toss a nice jacket over your tee to notch up the look-game. Wear your favourite henley t-shirt and set a romantic background to impress your SO. Brew your coffee at home or order coffee from a nice place for both of you. We’re sure your date is going to melt at your sweet gesture.

2. Coffee with friends

How about an evening with your tribe? Even a not-so-good coffee seems perfect when you share it with your buddies, right? So set a call, force everyone to be there (of course, we can force our best pals). Have a great time with them. Now what to wear for this call? Hmmm… (insert thinking emoji) Who thinks what to wear when you’re with friends! Just be in your shorts, be wherever you want to, shower or don’t shower. Doesn’t matter. They probably might also do the same. So just be yourself. Oh and don’t forget to pull their legs!

3. Time for a coffee break

One thing we all miss working from home is the coffee breaks. That was our time to get all casual with our colleagues and have some chitchat. Let’s rekindle that gossip session this day. Block their calendars (yes, we’re going all formal for this informal session). This is even better as you don’t have to be in formals. Just a casual t-shirt is all you need. Even better, wear a Marvel t-shirt to impress them with your geek.

But don’t forget your pants like your initial zoom calls, otherwise, you’ll be the next hot gossip for them ;)

4. Family time

Now this one’s different. But hey, 2020 has been an altogether different year. So why not do something uncommon for ourselves. If you’re living away from your family, you most certainly miss the dinner table gathering around evening tea and snacks. Get your family on the call and have a nice conversation with them.

But DO NOT FORGET TO SHOWER. And wear a pair of nice crisp t-shirt and joggers. No matter how strongly we endorse to laze off and be yourself, it’s upon you if you get yelled at by your mom for not taking a shower.

Don’t miss out to show love to your dear ones and to your dear coffee this day. Looking for casualwear? Hop on to and shop for your favourite Flexiwear collection today!