Fall is a happy season. After sweating out indoors and protecting yourself against the summer sun and sweaty rainy season, it is finally the time of the year to workout outdoors. Take up the sport, the exercise of your choice and bend the way you like. The little chill you experience in the morning and evening can be taken care by wearing just a light jacket or sweatshirt. However, before the super chilly winters set, settle into your new workout routine and buy the new fitness wear to keep you going warm and strong through the autumn and winter season.

Below are some workout tips and fitness wear guidelines for fall, this yea

1. Get Going this Fall: Embrace the new season with new workouts for 2018. Something that you enjoy, something that you can go through the season with ease. Whether it is running, jogging, HIIT workouts, or yoga. Fall is the perfect season to step out and drill. So, if it is that game of soccer, lawn tennis or basketball that excites you, then opt for it now and work your way through the season. To get going, even that morning walk or evening stroll with your pet will be worth a try.

2. Balance the Fitness & Couch Potato Time: With Netflix at home, you can become a couch potato this season as most of your favorite TV shows make a comeback. However, now is the time to balance up. If you keep binge watching those TV shows and go in hibernation mode, then staying fit or getting back in shape will be afar this season. So, try to balance and spare some time and make exercise a priority. You can either plan the run with a friend or have a personal training app on your smartphone to keep you going through this season.

3. Anti-Oxidant Rich Diet: During the autumn season, episodes of sneezing and allergies tend to increase. It is important that you make anti-oxidant rich diet foods a part of your meals. From pumpkin to nuts, green tea to clear soups, seek solace according to your taste buds and take care of your diet. Include warm and healthy food in your diet and sail through the flu season with ease.

4. Gear-Up: Along with establishing a workout regime and a healthy meal plan, it is essential to shop for warm, fitness gears. It is time to trade out those summer shorts and capris with a track and tank tops with full-sleeves t-shirts. Before the cold spoils your workout plans, keep a light jacket handy too when exercising outdoors.

A warm layer of fall and winter workout clothes is a must if you want to keep going strong and long this autumn and winter season. The right pair of fitness attire and shoes are your best friends when you want to set new benchmarks and accomplish new targets. To make this season special for you is the latest fall collection by Sporto. A pair of warm track pants and full-sleeves t-shirts will accompany you and help you perform your best this season. Explore our new collection from Sporto Red and start buying the trendiest fitness attires from your home.