With the festival season around the corner, pushing yourself for the run, jog or workout every day starts becoming a challenge. Making matters concern worthy and hindering your workout goals will also be the soaring pollution levels in your city. Soon after Dussehra, the pollution levels start increasing and reach new heights post-Diwali. Autumn season synonymous with pleasant climate is apt for working out. However, the pollution levels make you decide otherwise. While exercising has its own set of benefits but can it be beneficial for you when the pollution in your city is falling in poor, very poor or severe category? Does running outside with bad air quality affects your lungs negatively?

Well, if the pollution levels are high in your city, working out under such circumstances will impact your health. From bronchitis to allergies, asthma to acute breathing problems, bad air can counteract the many benefits of exercising. Ozone and particulate matter affects the lungs and heart. Ozone is an irritant that impacts the lungs, and particulate matter (PM) has a more significant impact on the heart. As per international standards, PM less than 10 microns can not only affect the lungs but even enter the bloodstream. Initially, it can trigger an inflammatory reaction in the lungs and heart, and prolonged exposure can lead to long-term problems. However, if you don’t want this phase of the alarming level of pollution to deter your workout regime, then follow the below tips and continue undeterred.

#Tip 1: The Best Time to Exercise Outdoors: During the autumn season, the air quality levels are usually poor during the morning hours. Pollution gets mixed with fog leading to smog, which is harmful to the human body. This smog usually settles as the day progresses and most health experts advise venturing out between 3-5 pm to limit the effects of air pollution. The pollution levels are usually low during this time of the day, and you can pursue your run or sports between these hours.

#Tip2: Check Pollution Levels: Before you venture out, it is essential to check the pollution levels on the air quality app or government website. The range varies every day, and you can quickly check it online from here. It can provide information about the air quality index in your city and help you plan your day. According to international standards, levels over 100 are dangerous for sensitive people who are prone to allergies and over 150 is unhealthy for everyone. These numbers are usually color coded and call for care if they are in the range of red and orange.

air pollution areas

#Tip 3: Avoid High Pollution Areas: There are some pockets and areas where the pollution levels are usually high. It is true for areas where there are industries or highways in proximity. It is advisable to not work out in such high air pollution areas. If you have an upcoming marathon, then check the route and plan accordingly. Surveys indicate that the pollution levels are usually high within 400 meters of road. If possible, avoid such areas when you plan to exercise outdoors.

Right Workout Gear

#Tip 4: The Right Workout Gear: If you want to go out for a walk, then you can wear a fine quality mask that can filter the pollutants. An N-95 mask can filter 95% of the contaminants, and N-99 mask filters 99% of the pollutants from the air. However, these masks can’t filter oil-based pollutants. Besides, these may not be the best options when you intend to run or do rigorous exercise outdoors. Along with the mask, getting the right pair of fitness wear is also essential. Try to opt for full-sleeves t-shirts and tracks and protect your skin against the polluted environment.

N-95 mask filter

#Tip 5: Workout Indoors: On days immediately after Diwali, it is best to perform indoor cardio exercises to lose weight. Look for membership in a gym or sports complex in proximity to your home or office. It will help you to continue your exercise regime and take care of your precious lungs and heart.

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Take the above measures to stay healthy through this phase of high air pollution. Increase the intake of anti-oxidant rich food to boost your immunity levels. Besides, after returning home, you should gargle and rinse your nose thoroughly. These small yet significant measures can go a long way in safeguarding you against the hazardous pollution levels. Even wearing appropriate winter clothes is a must. If you are looking to buy full sleeves t-shirts for men, hooded t-shirts and tracks online, then check Sporto’s latest collection. The autumn, winter range is sure to impress you, and you can make a complete new wardrobe for the new season.