Yoga is one form of workout, which blends perfectly with an array of exercise regimes. The beauty of yoga lies in the art of balancing, helping you strengthen your system with your own body weight. So, if you thought yoga has nothing to do with running, well you are mistaken. Running and yoga may sound poles apart, however, these are two forms of workout, which complement each other the most beautifully. Yoga can fill the gap where running makes you fall short. So, if those aches and pains keep you off running for a long time, then give yoga a try. But, don’t treat yoga practice day as a rest day. Below are some of the many benefits of yoga for runners.

man standing in yoga position

1. Strong Sense of Balance: When you run, you are able to bring only some muscles to work. It is mainly the lower body, which is put to use while running and only those muscles are subject to wear and tear. But, with yoga it is different and this stands out as the advantages of yoga for runners. Every minor and major muscle group is used synergistically. There are full body movement and a strong balance is created from head to toe. So, it is the perfect way of bringing all your muscles to play and relaxing the ones, which are sored, while running.

man practicing advance yoga

2. Prevent Injury & Physical Stress: Runners are usually well-balanced individuals who can deal with physical stress with little discomfort, but they often suffer from pains and injury. A runner often complaint of tightening, shortening of muscle, which can only be taken care by an opposing movement of yoga. For running, the focus is only on external techniques, but with yoga it is about an internal focus of body movements. With the systematic practice of asana, you can engage, strengthen and train all your muscles for a better support system. So, whether it is that muscular injury, which you want to avert, while running or make your body stress-free, try the yoga for marathon runners.

man doing yoga

3. Increases Awareness About You: With the practice of yoga, you develop a better sense of awareness about yourself is yet another advantage of yoga. It helps you develop an understanding of your body, you are able to listen and respond to your body messages, better. Your body will start listening to the signal of feel good chemicals like endorphins, which are released, while running. It is with this signal that you will be able to run longer and ignore that injury with ease. Further, yoga makes you calmer and poise. You are able to better manage your energy reserve, and planning and executing that run also yields good results.

man doing yoga practice

4. Relax & Perform Better: With running your body does suffer from some physical stress, which can be taken care by yoga for athletes. This and other forms of stress are well taken care by yoga. It is the perfect way to relax your muscles, calm your mind and perform better. Moreover, relaxation helps you to make your energy reserve and use it in a more efficient manner. This resultant vigour helps you perform better on your run day. The pranayama and breathing exercises improves the flow of oxygen and blood in your body relaxing your nervous system and the entire body.

So, start complementing that run with yoga and experience the many benefits of a yoga routine for runners. You will be able to plan and execute your run better. If you run for 5 days a week, then start keeping a day or two for yoga and feel the difference in your performance level. It’s time to become a yogi runner for complete body overhaul. And whether you are looking for those running shorts or yoga track pants, you can find the latest collection online at We are a one stop shop for sportswear solutions. You can view the range at Sporto and have the most comfortable and cool workout wear collection for your everyday run and yoga.