The world will celebrate International Yoga Day on the 21st June. Are you planning to pledge and practise yoga every day? Or, it will be another year of failed resolutions? Practising yoga needs to be an everyday routine and not once a year phenomenon. This ancient physical, mental and spiritual practise needs to get embraced on an everyday basis so that you can reap its many benefits. If there is time constraint or you are a beginner, then follow these 5 simple yoga poses and bring them in your daily routine.

Downward Facing Dog: It is a simple and popular yoga pose and you will be able to perfect it in a short span of time. You can start or end your yoga practise with this pose. It gives your entire back a stretch, right from the neck to the bottom of your heels. When you start the yoga ritual with this downward facing dog pose, you prepare your body to perform various other poses.

Child Pose: If you join any yoga class or observe any yoga practitioner, you will notice them doing this particular pose. You should practise it every day as it opens your back, chest, shoulder and hips. The main focus, however, is on the lower back. If you have a desk job or sedentary lifestyle, then start doing this child pose every day and feel the difference. It will release tension stored in your body parts and make you calm.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose: This particular pose is good for your overall body as it makes your core strong and helps you to balance. When you perform this pose, you will not experience any stretch. Instead, you will engage your arm muscles and the core that will help you strengthen your balance. Once your arms will gain strength you can also try learning different handstands. Practise the four-limbed staff pose for overall body strength and balance.

Cobra Pose: For beginners, this pose will ease their lower back troubles and prepare them for the advanced form of yoga. It is a simple pose; however, you will take time in lifting your hips off the ground and in pushing yourself. Gradually, you will be able to lift and stretch perfectly and relax your lower back.

Corpse Pose: Yoga is all about balancing your mind, body and soul and this pose will help you achieve it. You should culminate your yoga session with the corpse pose, which will bring everything full circle. You simply lay on the yoga mat and rest your body. The intent is to gradually calm your body and mind and have you in a meditative state. If you want to discover yourself, then this is the pose you need to practise.

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