Travel takes to you to places either for work or leisure. While, you definitely get a break from your everyday routine, thanks to an impromptu travel plan, but your workout goes for a toss. In fact, travel for work often becomes an excuse for not working out every day. But, did you know there are some, potent workouts, which practiced for a short duration can be beneficial in various forms. Moreover, this one particular form of workout can be done every day, everywhere with ease and that is yoga. Here is why we call it your everywhere travel partner and why yoga practice every day is a must for everyone. 

1. Just Roll The Mat: Yoga is one form of workout, which you can practice anytime, anywhere. You don’t need any elaborate workout gear. You can practice it in your night pajama, as well. Just remember to take your mat along, whether you travel for leisure or business. In case, you don’t have a mat, then simply use the bathroom towel or room rug and practice your asana and sun salutations with ease. So, don’t break your workout routine when travelling, simply have a yoga workout plan in place.

woman folding mat after yoga practice

2. Time, No Constraint: When it comes to yoga, you can practice it for as long as you want. If time constraints, you can do it for just about 5 minutes and feel the difference. It relaxes your muscles and nerves, which get tired after travel. Moreover, it also does good to your digestive system, which gets sluggish, while travelling. And when we say time no constraint, we truly mean it. You can do it in the morning, afternoon, evening and before bedtime. Just monitor the intensity. If you are doing yoga workout for weight loss, then maintain the vigour and if it is for calming purpose, then go slow and steady.

businessman doing yoga in lotus pose

3. Calms You Mentally & Strengthens Physically: Every workout has its own set of benefits, but when it comes to yoga it benefits you overall. It is for your complete well-being. The stretch each pose gives, strengthens you physically and relaxes you mentally. Yoga has its mind-calming benefits and can rejuvenate you after a long flight, instantly. So, do a quick, complete yoga workout as soon as you reach the hotel and feel the difference. How about five sun salutations, while it will take not more than 5 minutes of your time, it will be a total body workout.

4. Practice For Perfection: There are many asanas and each has variations too, but gradually with practice it will become a part of you. You will be able to perform yoga in daily life effortlessly and naturally. That child pose will become your mind-calming exercise and sun salutation a part of your everyday workout regime. 

5. Just Do It: A flexible form of workout you can get going the way you want. Don’t wish to stretch or exert, simply sit and breathe in breath out to feel the difference. You can also start with any random pose, gradually if you have not done the warm-up. This versatile form of workout will only make you flexible and adaptable. 

Some things become a part of you and yoga is definitely one such form of workout and meditation. It brings you closer to yourself making you calm, composed and clean. Yes, it’s a way of cleansing you internally. Moreover, it can be your travel buddy too, as you can practice it anytime, anywhere with ease and for how much ever time you have for yourself. So, get going and feel the difference when you do power yoga workout, every day. Planning to buy a comfy track and t shirt for yoga now? Then, check the fab collection at Sporto. You can get comfortable and trendy tracks and tees here and start practising yoga every day.