What to wear today?

I wore blue yesterday, can’t wear the same shade today.

Did I even wash this shirt?

We used to have these introspecting questions daily while getting ready for the office. Yes, used to. Now these thoughts lay deep down in the dark alley of our minds.

Because we don’t need them anymore. The question of thinking what to wear for the office is out of question now. We are working from home. And who wears formals at home? Pfft!

But whatever we wear while working at home, it is important that we’re in comfort and of course, in style.

Sporto brings the latest Flexiwear collection to clock in long office hours comfortably. So, here’s the new office wardrobe collection of the new office space AKA Home. 

1. T-shirt

Comfortable clothing collection is incomplete without talking about t-shirts. Nothing else best describes the comfort of working from home like a classic t-shirt. No tight and stringent fits like a shirt. Easy to hop in, easy to hop out. Want to add versatility to your collection? Check out Sporto’s t-shirt collection! We’ve got 30 different colours, different styles like Henley Neck, Crew Neck, Round Neck, etc. And we also have Marvel collection in our t-shirts. Wear the pair to work, to cook, to attend meetings, to the gym. One style suits all! Grab them now!

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 2. Joggers & Tracks

Replacing trousers and jeans are track pants and joggers. Serves the same purpose, while adding superior comfort to your life. These pants are made from rich cotton making them super comfortable and breathable. The super comfy material keeps you snug always. Available in designer patterns and prints, with contrasting piping and drawstrings, they bring style to your bedroom cum office.

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 3. Bermuda & Capri

Want to go a li’l extra berserk with your new office avatar? Well, who’s watching, right? Of course, you have Zoom calls but they don’t need to know if you’re wearing pants or not! Bermuda and capris are the perfect choice for you in that case. Let your legs breathe. They have already suffered much from formals. It’s time to free them. Cotton-fabricated bermudas and shorts are perfect to work 9 hours a day.

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4. Athletic Jersey & Vests

Hailing as the new and crazy collection, you have athletic jersey and vests also as your work wears now! Could never have imagined you can wear a vest to work! Eat, sweat, work, repeat. The microfiber athletic jersey keeps you dry and fresh all the time. The best part? You can easily hit your gym right after the office hours in the same clothes. No need to change!

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These are a few casual looks you can sport your work from home in. Times are changing, and so is the fashion trend. Even when you step back to your office, you’ll find a shift in the work culture and the dress codes. The environment is going to be more easy and relaxed. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe. Create your own look with the best athleisure collection from Sporto.in.