About Sporto

Sporto Flexiwear is a revolutionary brand of athleisure wear that comes from the house of the famous J.G. Hosiery, a company that has a 40-year-old legacy of creating great products for the Indian consumer. Our other products are the immensely loved Macho, Amul Comfy and Zoiro. Our products are loved not just by Indian consumers but have been accepted and are successful across borders in overseas markets like the UAE.

Sporto was born with an intention to make Flexiwear accessible to the large but discerning Indian market that had specific needs. Our products have stood the test of time and in terms of styling and product quality, can compete with not just the other players in the Indian market but some are at par with global best. All this at a price that is super accessible and within the reach of most consumers. We believe Flexiwear is a real need and not just a fashion statement. It is  only fair that the transformational effect of our clothes becomes accessible to as many people as possible. As a leader company that believes in setting the right example, we always maintain the right practices in our manufacturing process. With eco-friendly dyes, international standard machines, anti-bacterial superior quality cotton and eco-washable fabrics, it’s hardly surprising that Sporto’s Flexiwear range of clothing is well on its way to become a consumer favourite. Our wide product range with joggers, track pants, t-shirts, gym-vests, jackets, hoodies, full sleeves to bermudas, capris and boxers are designed keeping in mind the varied consumer needs across their lifestyles. 

Our product is an experience that once had becomes a lifestyle for all our users. Constant innovation with new designs, fabrics and processes for upping our own benchmark is something we take immense pride in.

Our biggest inspiration comes from our consumers who believe in staying flexible in their everyday life journey. Flexibility, the  core of our belief system partnered with the young energy of our team and consumers is what makes us a winner in a daily sport called life.

What is Flexiwear –

For a boundaryless generation with boundless energy, Flexiwear is a breath of fresh air as well as a statement of their identity. It is that kind of clothing that always operates in a stealth mode when it comes to how it feels on the body but at the same time transforms the wearer into a style statement. Flexiwear is for those amazing people who believe flexibility is as much in the mind as it is in the body. If you are running from a college lecture to a coffee date, Flexiwear is for you. If you are running from a business meeting to a tennis match, Flexiwear is for you. If making impromptu plans to a weekend destination is your idea of a quick getaway, Flexiwear is for you. Whether you like being always on the move outside or whether you like chilling with Netflix inside, Flexiwear is for you. Well, well, you see, Flexiwear is for an entire generation bound by a mindset called Flexible.

The day won’t be far when Flexiwear will be Everywhere.

Here’s to a more flexible world!