A casual attire - what does the word 'casual' mean to you? An overused expression in the modern-day sartorial vocabulary? Or a not-so-formal yet a stylish way to dress up that's perhaps, your go-to? This relaxed approach to donning everyday clothes is an art. And, once you master it, oh! You are good to go, no matter the occasion.

 A casual dress code is one of the best ways to express your attitude and dressing sense. It gives you the maximum versatility and style in the most minimalistic way. While a neat and well-fit tuxedo is, of course, a head-turner, hush... did you know women love men in casuals more than being uniform-clad all the time? Ahem! Ahem!!

 So, let’s find some must-haves for the ‘casuals’ section of your wardrobe!


 Just like you have default settings in your smartphones and watches, T-shirts are basic to men's wardrobe by default. They're simple, comfy, and stylish. Did you just say some smart pieces for your collection? Wow! You've come to the right place. At Sporto Flexiwear, we have endless options for you. Whether you like to keep it simple, rugged, the boy-next-door type, or upscale, we have got you.

 Right from round, v-neck, polo, solid Henley, crew neck, to printed, solids, full sleeve, and half sleeve, you'll find everything. Hang on! Won't you ask about colour options? We have colours and sizes that cater to every style and shape.

 2. Track Pants

 A fitness enthusiast's closet is not even a closet if it does not have track pants. Jokes apart! These super-comfortable pieces offer a relaxed fit and are incredibly stylish. The best part, these gel amazingly well with a range of top wear, footwear, and accessories. Made from stretchable and breathable fabrics, you can wear these men’s track pants to the gym, running errands, casual outings, or even to a movie date. Flexibility at its best!

 3. Hoodies

 Yaaas! Hoodies. Everyone's favourite! There is hardly any outfit that is as comfortable as these and goes well with both the street smart and smart-casual dress code. It's sort of a trailblazing outfit that smudges the edges between fashion and sportswear. You can wear it to your office, snuggle it while enjoying a bike ride on a chilly winter day, or wherever you want to go.

 So, what's your personal style of wearing a hoodie? Whether you like the pullover thing or the zip-up-and-forget-type, the collection of hoodies for men with Sporto Flexiwear is unmatchable. Pair these men’s hoodies with chinos, boxer shorts, jeans, or khakis and let other men envy your suave casual fashion sense.

 4. Jogger Tracks

 Jogger tracks have got a special place in the men's closet. And why not? Everything about these bottom wear, right from the fit to functionality, comfort to style, and the elastic band (the selling factor) at the ankle, makes these pants worth your attention. Sporto Flexiwear rolls out some of the most stylish and trendy joggers for men. Anyway, winter is on-the-way and to get that comfort and warmth, joggers make the best choice. Bet!

 Pro-tip - the ribbed ankle cuff gives an edge to the outfit and helps in trapping the body heat during winters, besides looking stylish. So, what are you waiting for?

 5. Bermuda Shorts

 A men's closet without Bermuda shorts? Men can't even think of that because they love to wear shorts, especially in summers and monsoons. Be it a weekend getaway, house party, college event, or an outing with friends, these occasion-appropriate and always-in-season shorts can turn the fashion game for you.

 Looking for some versatility, fashion, and quirkiness to your otherwise mundane shorts collection? Check out Your New Work from Home Office Collection.

You can also check out Sporto Flexiwear for a host of options in men’s casual wear. The thumb rule to dress casually is no rule. You can fit into whichever outfit you find comfortable and stylish. Visit Sporto.in and go casually amazing.