In one of our previous blogs, we talked about the origin of our Avengers. We got to know how Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk became Avengers. 

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In this blog, we’ll be continuing the sagas of our superheroes.

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A story that inspired millions of kids to be bit by a spider.

A high school kid unlike the rest, Peter Parker indulged himself in his passion for science to stay away from his bully fellow classmates. At one of the exhibitions that he was attending, he got bit by a spider. Now, that should be a common incident, right? Well, no. Because this was not a normal house spider. It was exposed to a particle beam and hence, was radiated. Peter immediately fell ill.

Not feeling well, he decided to return back. But on his way back home, he almost with an accident. Unconsciously, he avoided the hit by making an impossible leap to the wall of a building. He was shocked to his core to find himself stuck to a wall, on his bare limbs. He then eventually realized that he has somehow acquired the abilities of a spider after being bitten by that spider.

Overwhelmed by his new superpowers, he then started testing his power limits in various ways. And once he accepted the fact that he’s no more a normal human being, and rather a superhero, he developed a special suit for himself to hide his identity with web-shooter wrists on it. And then finally, he gave himself his new name ‘Spider-Man’.

Black Panther

T’Challa was the son of the king of Wakanda, T’Chaka. A li’l background on Wakanda - Wakanda is a nation different from the entire world. It is technologically advanced, well-integrated with centuries-old traditions. Wakanda’s greatest natural resource is Vibranium which is a vibration-absorbing metal.

Leading a normal human life, T’Challa studied in various universities to gain more knowledge. Upon returning to Wakanda, he took part in the open challenge to the current Black Panther, an old tradition. He defeated his Uncle S’Yan and became the next Black Panther. Now Black Panther had no superpowers, but he was incredibly intelligent. Using Vibranium, he built a special suit for himself. The suit became his power asset with impact-absorbing capability, making him less susceptible to blows or gunshots.

How Avengers assembled?

Although most of you might have seen in the movie that it was Nick Fury who united all the heroes to form Avengers, the Marvel comic has a different origin story to it.

Loki, Thor’s evil brother was always after him, trying to cause harm. During one such attempt, Loki lost and was sent to Isle of Silence, a dimension near Asgard that served as his prison. There, he planned to avenge Thor and he projected his soul to Earth where he found Hulk near rail tracks. Loki used his powers to make Hulk attack the tracks and create havoc to the incoming train. Although Hulk was able to save it from happening, the world believed that it was Hulk who did this intentionally.

To prove Hulk right, the Team Brigade, a group of young people formed to support Hulk, sent a distress call, seeking for help. They sent a message to the Fantastic Four asking for help, but Loki intercepted the signal. He used his power to guide the message to Thor, but unintentionally, also sent it to Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Iron Man. All of them responded to the call and finally, Loki was defeated again through the combined efforts of these heroes. As they were about to head their separate ways, it was the Ant-Man who suggested to form a superhero team. They all agreed to this and the Wasp suggested the name ‘Avengers’. And that’s how Avengers first came into existence and other superheroes joined later to form the team we know today.

And that’s how all our superheroes (and supervillain) came into existence to give us the most enticing and jaw-dropping saga of a war to save the universe.

Now that was some roller coaster ride to the journey of our Avengers, wasn’t it?

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