Do you feel you have been wearing capris forever and they must have passed? If you are asking if capris are out of style, you are all ready for a shakeup to style your capris. Capri pants are like the “basic white t-shirt” of the men’s fashion, these are classic designs that will literally never go out of style! They may trend or recede but will always be available in one form or another. Capri pants were introduced in the late 40s and are still a part of the fashion trends in 2021! They are available every year just as shorts and pants are. 

Sporto offers such capri pants that are so in fashion and trendy. 

Often one who is new to the fashion world, is confused - Is it a full pant? Is it shorts? Nope. Its Capri pants! Sporto men’s Capri pants will be your go-to style. Comfortable and cool, they are perfect for athleisure and workout wardrobe. Trendy and comfy, you are sure to wear it beyond your high-intensity training session. You can wear it as comfortably for a stroll with friends as for the gym. Designing capris in keeping with international standards, they will definitely accentuate your looks this summer.

It’s comfortable, it’s stylish and you can wear it all day long on a Sunday or even make it a part of your beach wardrobe as well. Sporto Flexiwear’s stylish men capri pants come in colourful solids with side piping to add more flair. Wear it with a contrasting t-shirt and you’re all set to bounce off with your friends.

So, modernize your sporty look and feel afresh by giving this creative touch to your workout gear. You can also sport these capri pants for men at the beach, casual stroll with your friends or just lounge in them at the comfort of your home. They are literally the most comfortable pants you will ever wear!

Sporto Flexiwear capri shorts are available in different colours and patterns. These are designed with contrasting pockets, highlighting pipings, boldly printed side texts to offer versatility. Capri pants also come with contrasting drawstrings and waistbands to make wearing your favourite capri more fun. The flexibility and stretchability make it ideal for extreme gyms sessions. You can go with light and bright colours for a casual hangout with your friends.

You can style the ever so fashionable capri pants with a cool printed t-shirt or a basic t-shirt of your choice from Sporto’s wide range of collection. 

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