Are you stuck with sportswear that is so “last season”? We at Sporto, have brought you the exclusive autumn-winter “FlexandChill” collection. With this collection, you will never run out of options when it comes to stylish and comfortable sportswear. Be it your post-workout sweatshirt or that comfortable gym t-shirt; it is now time for you to take your fashion game up a notch!

1. Keep Your Wadrobe Vibrant 

Our colours keep you warm and energetic even when the weather makes you want to snuggle up and laze around. With 4-5 colours in the jersey T-shirt collection alone, Sporto leaves you with endless choices. Be it versatile solid colour tees or a bright Marvel t-shirt to spruce up your wardrobe; we have it all. The best part is that we have a whole new range of full-sleeved t-shirts and pullovers that are perfect for this time of the year.

Get set for the dropping temperatures with sensible layering. Find hoodies and jackets to match your favourite colours. You can also keep it neutral with a snug top layer that will go with any outfit that you pick for the day.

2. Turn The Heat Up with Hoodies

When it comes to athleisure, there is one thing that never goes out of style - A good hoodie. It is all you need to make any outfit look trendy and funky in an instant. The grey hooded sweatshirt from the FlexandChill collection, for instance, is a classic. Pair it with a monochromatic outfit or one with crazy colours and prints. This hoodie has a way of turning an outfit up or down to make it look super-stylish.

The sweatshirt collection with wrist cuffs, kangaroo pockets, zippers, panelling and other stylish detailing, is just what you need this season. These sweatshirts are the perfect combo of fashion and functionality. They trap your body heat, keeping you warm when you want to take that early morning jog or run. Of course, a FlexandChill sweatshirt is also your perfect companion for those long winter rides and drives.

3. Bomber Jackets Are The "Bomb"

Get a bomber jacket and show the world what a rockstar you are. If you want some glamour quotient in your sportswear collection, then a bomber jacket is just what you need. Panelled jackets and solid coloured ones are the best sellers this season. Bomber jackets are not just great to keep you comfortable when you are training but also they lend that cool and casual touch to any outfit. If you are planning a movie date or a brunch on a cold winter day, just throw on one of these stylish jackets and you are ready to paint the town red.

4. Dress Like A Super hero

Are you a die-hard Marvel Fan? Then, get ready to enter a whole new universe, the “Flexiverse”. Check out the Marvel t-shirt collection to relish your superhero fantasy. All your favourite characters can now be part of your workout wardrobe. What goes with a cool and colourful Marvel tee? A bomber jacket or an uber-cool sweatshirt, of course. Pair this with stylish joggers and tracks from the Autumn-Winter collection and you are all set to turn the heat up with your outfit.

5. Get Your FlexandChill Collection Now

Sporto has revolutionised the idea of workout wear in India. With something for every season, you have more excuses to shop your heart out.

With every hooded sweatshirt, track pant, jogger or jersey t-shirt that you pick from the Sporto Collection, be ready to be wowed. Here are some reasons why the FlexiandChill collection is a must-have as you spruce up your wardrobe:

  • Every product is tested to make sure that they achieve global standards in terms of style and comfort.
  • Flexiwear is a new breed in athleisure. The way every sweatshirt or t-shirt feels when you put it on is a testament of the research behind them.
  • Easy movement makes Sporto Flexiwear the easiest choice. The Autumn-Winter collection is made using smart cuts and designs that not just keep you warm but also offer the best range of movement.
  • Products are designed using the flexibility mindset. You get flexibility not just in terms of movement but also in terms of style. The stylish collection is perfect even for weekend getaways, casual meet-ups or a lazy day at home.

So, get started and fill your shopping cart up. You want to be the first to get your hands on these super-cool garments that are a class apart. They are easy on the eyes and easy on your pockets as well. Switch to Sporto Flexiwear today and experience casual clothing like never before. Now, even your boring gym clothes can become your personal style statement.

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