There is a reason why a jacket is called an evergreen fashion item in India despite the humid climate. It can instantly make you look and feel good. Here’s a sample: do you own a bomber jacket? Take it out of your cupboard and sport it on top of a white tee and ankle-length joggers and see those heads turn. A jacket is a classic piece of fashion that can be styled in many different ways. If you like to challenge your methods constantly, you need to check these ten smart ways to wear a jacket. We have a style for everyone. Nerds, hipsters, corporate professionals, stay-at-home dads – it is for everyone.

1. Wear a Bomber Jacket Over Any T-Shirt

A white t-shirt or a blue v-neck long tee? It doesn’t matter because a bomber jacket can go with anything regardless of its colour. Just make sure you keep the zip open, and the sleeves slightly above your wrists for that action hero look. Pair it with denim jeans or dark-coloured trousers to complete the look.

2. A Simple Jacket Over Formals for the Office-Goer

This is perhaps more popular in Indian metros. You set up a formal attire that you usually wear for office. Couple it with a zipper jacket and keep it open to flaunt your abs, your belt, and the firm tucked-in waist side. It just adds some suaveness, thanks to the open Jacket.

3. Go All Black Except for the Jacket

Get a black half-sleeve, a high-neck t-shirt (with a gold print with Avengers insignia, maybe), and black denim jeans or pants. Pair it with a navy-blue denim jacket and white sneakers. A perfect get-up for a Tinder date or a meet up with your friends look. Keep the jacket buttons open for a more relaxed look.

4. A Closed Jacket for the Winters

This is a variation of the #3 style above. Use light colours and keep the Jacket closed for the compact look for winters or when you are out on vacation in the Northeast. Pair it with some cool jogger track pants and high top sneakers for the perfect winter look!

6. The Hoodie + Joggers Look

Going for a walk in the evening? Or maybe to meet a friend who lives a couple of blocks away? Or to grab some momos with your sweetheart? Pair a hoodie jacket with black or grey joggers. It’s the perfect casual look for fashion-savvy alpha males these days. Check out this dark grey hoodie by Sporto if you don’t already have one.

7. The Nerd Look with Some Denim Punch

Choose a light blue monkey-wash denim jean, a polo shirt, and a dark-coloured heavy jacket. Combine them and keep the zip half-open. Perfect for a visit to the library or for a family function that your mom insists you need to attend. If you wear nerdy glasses, then nothing like it. Or maybe, get some fake glasses? (No one has to know.)

8. A Hoodie for the Gym Look

Similar to style #5 above, here you get a men’s jogger and pair it with a dark-coloured hoodie jacket. Then show-off your high-octane workout and lifting at the gym. We recommend dark colours so that the sweat marks remain hidden. Sport the uber-cool hoodie look with some track pants for your gym look.

9. A Blazer on a White Tee

Another look for the corporate professionals, here you sport a dark-coloured light blazer with a white tee. It works well for casual Fridays and office team lunches, giving you both comfort and look that you so desire. Pair it with semi-loose trousers for a more refined look.

10. The Half-Sleeve Jacket is Always in Vogue

This is a casual look for every occasion. Get a polo t-shirt or a full-sleeve shirt and pair it with a sleeveless jacket. Opt for contrast colours that project yourself as a happy-go-lucky guy who doesn’t compromise on fashion. Wear white shoes, and don’t forget to ‘accessorize’ everything else for the perfect carefree-guy look.

11. A Denim Jacket and a Hat for the Hipster

This is slowly becoming a trend in India where men with a wider frame go for a shirt, denim jeans, a denim jacket, and a hat with a contrast colour. It goes well if you wear glasses and if you are out on an excursion. If you worry about the heat, get a loose-fitting t-shirt by Sporto. Here’s a cool black tee for that very purpose.

Ready to look dapper? You can browse through our wide range of men’s jackets, joggers, tees, and polo t-shirts. And then use the above style tips to look like you have always wanted to look.

They say that a jacket can enhance a man’s look instantly and exponentially. We tend to agree. Explore more hip fashion and flex wear today.