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Step up your fashion game this Valentine's for your bae

Step up your fashion game this Valentine's for your bae - Sporto by Macho

Are you a teenager and looking for a change in style? Well, you have come to the right place. Teenagers often get confused with their style and are keen on trying something new.  With Valentine’s day around the corner, it is very obvious to get a bit nervous on this day especially if you are celebrating it for the first time! But don’t worry we have got your back, bro! We are here to help you up your fashion game and impress your bae. 

This Valentine’s day go all out with your simplest look and we bet you would come back home with a whole lot of love and compliments. 

1. Own a few round-neck t-shirts in your collection 

Round-neck t-shirts are cool and casual. Please get the fitting right, not too tight and too lose to make it look like something borrowed or stolen. It is extremely comfortable and when picked right, super versatile. But please don’t pick a tee with a deep plunge as it will take a toss for your entire look. For more tips on the how-to carry a tee and other style do’s and don’ts, check out the round neck t-shirts from These t-shirts from Sporto are super lightweight and made with rich cotton fabric. Which makes you comfortable and stay longer in that t-shirt. 

2. Co-ordinate with colours and patterns

Yes, experimenting is fun but don’t do it all at once. Save something for the next time. If you have something in your ensemble that is risqué or stands out, don’t have something else completely opposite. If you want to add more colour or pattern or even texture, choose the second piece keeping in mind the first one. Coordinate well to look sleek and stylish. Overdoing something will kill your entire look. You can opt for printed t-shirts from Sporto’s range of t-shirt collection to experiments with printed patterns. Sporto has funky prints as well well as marvel printed t-shirt. These t-shirts are super breathable and comfortable so much that you’ll absolutely live in these.

3. Accessorize with sunglasses or glasses

Don’t follow the latest trend blindly. There are something’s that look good only on a particular face shape. So instead of aping, pick something made for you, specifically made for you. Something that enhances your face and features and highlights your positives in an advantageous manner.

4. Roll up your shirt sleeves to look smart and sexy

It has undertones of formal wear with panache provided you roll them right. Don’t roll it up with a haphazard manner, roll them properly and in sync. Doing this elevates your look all together and gives you a smart casual look. 

Now, that you have your fashion game set right, it’s time for you plan out the rest of your day. We would recommend buying some fresh flowers and chocolates for your date! 

If you are looking for more such tips to improve your styling, you can check out Easy Style Tips for Guys Headed To College.

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