In the era of social media and online dating apps, it has become crucial to look your best at all times. Whether it is clicking pictures for Instagram or going on a date, you must look presentable. Not only that, but you should also keep up with the latest fashion trends.

 So, if you are someone who loves to dress up in style, here are the top 15 fashion trends that you must follow.

 1. Printed Shirts and T-shirts

While solids are classy, printed t-shirts are the new fashion, especially floral prints, tropical prints, and polka dots. If you are going to a beach or on vacation, you must keep printed t-shirts handy with you. It gives you a cool vibe, effortlessly. Even t-shirts with printed sarcastic slogans and phrases are in demand.

 2. Biker Leather jackets

For all the sports-loving men out there, one of the quintessential fashionable items you can have in your wardrobe is a biker leather jacket. It gives you a tough and masculine look and also makes you look mysterious and intriguing at the same time. If you want to upgrade your outfit by a notch, wear shades with your biker leather jacket, put on a pair of boots, get on that bike and see all the heads turning your way. While wearing a biker jacket, men can also sport a light coloured t-shirt and dark pants to complete the look!

 3. Hoodies

Another fashion trend that men are religiously following these days is hoodies. Now, you don’t have to wait for winter to wear your favourite outfit. You can wear cotton hoodie t-shirts even during the Spring and Summer Season! They give you a sweet, gentle, and charming appearance.

 4. Minimalism for Millenials

The definition of fashion has changed over the years. Nowadays, ‘less is more’. The less tacky your appearance, the more attractive you look. This is termed as minimalism. The idea is to keep it subtle yet classy. For a minimal look, you can wear a pair of jeans with a white t-shirt. Choose semi-formal shoes with it or even sliders, and you are good to go.

 5. Tracksuits

Had you ever wondered when it would be okay to wear tracksuits and joggers in public without any fear of judgement? Well, now is the time. Tracksuits are the new fashion statement. Well, not just tracksuits, even joggers track pants have set the new fashion trend. You can wear a pair of drawstrings joggers not only to gyms or during workout sessions but also while going for grocery shopping, coffee dates, and late-night movies. Who knew dressing up could be so relaxing?

 6. Sock Tuck

Sock tuck is a new fashion trend that people love these days. This culture started in the UK and is now being followed by men all over the world. You can just wear long socks and tuck your sweatpants or joggers into them. It gives you a dope, clean look. If you are someone who loves rap and hip hop, you must follow this fashion trend.

 7. Vests

Colourful vests are an ideal fashion trend for men who want to show off their muscular arms and tattoos. Wear a chain or lockets with sleeveless vests, and you will get a raw straight-out-of-the-bed messy look.

 8. Bandanas

While girls wear scarves, men have started wearing bandanas around their necks, foreheads, or even hands. It gives you a robust and rogue look and yet comes across as stylish and fearless.

 9. Tie-dye

If you are looking for another staple clothing for your wardrobe, take a look at printed tie and dye t-shirts. You can experiment with new tie-dye designs and patterns yourself at home!

 10. Plain and Polo T-shirts

Polo t-shirts are evergreen. You can never go wrong with these. Wear full sleeve t-shirts for men with it, along with a good pair of blue jeans or even a basic white t-shirt topped off with a pair of shades.

 11. Cuban Collars

One of the coolest fashion trends is the super breathy Cuban Collar shirts. If you are looking for a casual look, bright colour Cuban Collared t-shirts like green, blue, etc. should be your ideal pick. Team it up with a tapered chino, and you are all set for that Indian Street fashion look.

 12. Blazers

Blazers are the epitome of style. Earlier, they were only worn on formal occasions or during interviews. Now, with the evolving trends, you can wear blazers even during casual outings or semi-formal meetings. They look best with a light coloured t-shirt underneath and casual trousers.

 13. High-waist Trousers

High-waist trousers for men were very famous back in the '40s and are making a strong comeback this year! If you want an ideal gentleman attire, these are a must-have! You can wear neatly ironed t-shirts or shirts and tuck them in your trousers to complete the look. 

 14. Sliders

Gone are the days of slippers and sandals. This is the era of quirky sliders. You won’t even have to worry about matching it with your outfit. Wear it with your trousers, capris, or shorts for a casual look.

 15. Retro Sneakers

Fashion trends may come and go, but one style that never goes out is retro sneakers. These sneakers are perfect if you are going for vintage themed parties or restaurants. It gives a whole package of style and nostalgia.

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